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The Hearing Loss Clinic offers professional healthcare in a warm, inviting and modern office environment.
In addition to working with patients who have supplementary health insurance, The Hearing Loss Clinic has established itself with several government agencies. Our staff is warm, patient, sensitive and receptive to all of our patients’ needs and concerns.
I enjoy working with clients and their families to help them reach their communicative potential using the most up-to-date evidence based practices and advanced technologies as well as by educating them on hearing loss and it’s effects.
It’s a very rewarding experience to know that you can be a special part of each clients journey to better hearing.
I have been working in the Customer Service industry for many years, but this has been the most rewarding position thus far.
We have 3 locations in Calgary: North, North West and South and an office in each Okotoks, Cranbrook and Creston, and Invermere, British Columbia.
As a football coach, I’m often in situations where background noise and acoustics can pose problems for my ability to hear. The experts at The Hearing Loss Clinic were able to diagnose the exact issues I was facing and devise a plan to help deal with them. In addition to the product itself, I really appreciate the courtesy, professionalism and expertise shown by the staff at The Hearing Loss Clinic. It struck me, particularly, one afternoon during a media briefing in the office of the Flames coach, that I wasn’t hearing all that he was saying. I was reluctant about getting a hearing aid initially having the mindset that ‘hearing aids were for older people and that I wasn’t even close to the age I thought a person should have a hearing aid.
First I decided to go with one in the right ear. However, it didn’t take very long to discover that having hearing aids in both ears was much more beneficial.
The Hearing Loss Clinic people also gave me techniques to maintain the hearing aids so they will last longer with maximum efficiency.
I travel a lot following the Flames, spending a lot of time on noisy airplanes, restaurants and arenas. The hearing aids, I have, allow me to hear the person, or persons, I’m talking to with only a minimal background noise distraction.
Often I have public speaking assignments with question and answer sessions. With the hearing aids I am able to clearly hear questions, even from the far back of the room. Background noise, etc was hindering my ability to hear everything. Media sessions, interviews is extremely important for what I do. It was becoming apparent that the suggestions I was getting from family members and friends to have my hearing checked couldn’t be put off any longer. After the hearing test results were relayed to me and strong suggestions that I get a hearing aid made, I looked into the idea. I am delighted with my choice of The Hearing Loss Clinic for my brand new and advanced pair of CIC instruments.
I was chatting with my dad a few days ago and he and I would again like to thank you for what you did for him. Thanks to you and the staff at “The Hearing Loss Clinic” for your friendly attitude, and helpfulness in making this an unexpected life change for both my wife and myself. I want to thank you and your staff for the many years you’ve professionally taken care of my hearing loss requirements.
A conductive hearing loss is caused by any condition or disease that impedes the conveyance of sound in its mechanical form through the middle ear cavity to the inner ear. The reason for sensorineural hearing loss sometimes cannot be determined, it does not typically respond favorably to medical treatment, and it is typically described as an irreversible, permanent condition. A mixed hearing loss can be thought of as a sensorineural hearing loss with a conductive component overlaying all or part of the audiometric range tested. The conductive component may be amenable to medical treatment and reversal of the associated hearing loss, but the sensorineural component will most likely be permanent.
Canada is a beautiful country with wide, open spaces and a huge land area that is waiting to be discovered. We also make every effort to see our patients as quickly as possible in order to minimize reception room waiting periods. The counseling and advice they provide is professional, thorough and made easy to understand through the use of ear models and demonstrations.

He is a member of BCASLPA, CASLPA and the Board of Hearing Aid Dealers and Consultants of British Columbia. She is a member of the of the International Hearing Society, National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences and a member of the College of Hearing Aid Practitioners of Alberta. Each client is unique and improving their hearing requires us to focus on the individual’s needs and challenges.
And what a better choice in life than choosing a career that allows me to connect with people, help them reconnect with their lives and family through improving their hearing and communication abilities. I absolutely love that I work in a field that focuses on helping people to improve their own communication.
My mission is to continue to challenge myself to provide the best solution and highest level of care for my client in order to enhance their quality of life.
I find it incredibly rewarding to be part of this collaborative journey by providing guidance and support to help others help themselves.
I love having the opportunity to work with people of all ages to improve their ability to communicate and I truly enjoy getting to know my clients and their families in the process. It’s an amazing feeling that I have not experienced in the past.” Krista enjoys hiking, baking, spending time with family and 2 dogs. I would have to say that seeing the smiles on our clients faces or hearing the statement of “ I can hear the paper rustling”, has really made me appreciate what our audiologists do. Of greatest concern was on game days, where I needed to be able to hear important conversations taking place around me, while working in a loud, sometimes hostile, environment. Since they prescribed my current hearing aids, I’ve had none of the problems that I was having before on game day. The staff exercised great patience as we went through process, which was a little more extensive for me since I’m a broadcaster wearing headsets during Flame hockey broadcasts.
Gleaning information is important to my work performance and the passing it on to the listeners of The Fan 960 radio.
Vick and I are in our 80’s now and never have we felt the care and dedication to our needs that we have felt from Leighanne. I played in dance bands for decades and spent many years in the broadcasting business, never paying any attention to sound and noise levels.
A conductive hearing loss can be the result of a blockage in the external ear canal or can be caused by any disorder that unfavorably effects the middle ear’s ability to transmit the mechanical energy to the stapes footplate.
Generally, the cause of conductive hearing loss can be identified and treated resulting in a complete or partial improvement in hearing. The sensory component may be from damage to the organ of Corti, an inability of the hair cells to stimulate the nerves of hearing or a metabolic problem in the fluids of the inner ear. Like conductive hearing loss, sensorineural hearing loss reduces the intensity of sound, but it might also introduce an element of distortion into what is heard resulting in sounds being unclear even when they are loud enough. So, in addition to some irreversible hearing loss caused by an inner ear or auditory nerve disorder, there is also a dysfunction of the middle ear mechanism that makes the hearing worse than the sensorineural loss alone.
Hearing aids can be beneficial for individuals with a mixed hearing loss, but caution must be exercised by the hearing care professional if the conductive component is due to an active ear infection.
Sounds waves may travel through the ear but this nerve pathway is unable to send electrical impulses to the brain. It has numerous cities that can be considered among those that offer a high quality of life for its residents.
Our company has been at forefront of its industry for many years, in different parts of the world.
My job is very rewarding!” Hannah is a member of CASLPA and ACSLPA as well as she received the Canadian Academy of Audiology Student Award. What a nice job to do!!” Carolina enjoys being around her family, friends and dogs as well as enjoys watching all kinds of movies and dining out. Having the opportunity to meet such a wide variety of wonderful and interesting people is just icing on the cake. Meanwhile, I get to meet all sorts of interesting people whom I have the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with.

Outside of work I enjoy reading, being outdoors, crafting and spending time with my two boys and husband. I’ve been very pleased with the clarity and overall sound of the unit and this has helped me to do my job most effectively. Now wearing hearing aids is as natural as walking into the broadcast booth at the Pengrowth Saddledome. I need to hear crowd noise and myself well during broadcasts. I also spend a great deal of time talking on the telephone as part of my work. We use Tunz In-Ear Stage Monitors and Musicians Ear Plugs to ensure that we hear clearly and are able to do this for years to come by reducing the threat of damage to our ears.
She has been excelling in her assistance and professionalism, and has delivered me the pleasurable comfort of talking in my own language (Spanish). Your work is very much appreciated and we’d just like to throw another thank you to you and your staff for their help.
It was only after your analysis and care about my poor hearing, that I can now enjoy life to it’s fullest. Following the completion of medical treatment for causes of the conductive hearing loss, hearing aids are effective in correcting the remaining hearing loss. The neural or retrocochlear component can be the result of severe damage to the organ of Corti that causes the nerves of hearing to degenerate or it can be an inability of the hearing nerves themselves to convey neuro chemical information through the central auditory pathways. Once any medically treatable conditions have been ruled out, individuals with a sensorineural hearing loss can be fit with hearing aids to give them access to speech and other important sounds.
The client can actually witness his scalp appearing to have hair again as he patiently sits in the treatment room. She is proud of having been taught how to rollerblade by her grandkids, who, she admits, are still better at it than she is. The good people at The Hearing Loss Clinic made adjustments as we went along and now I’m hearing better than I ever have.
Leighanne was so very honest with me, nothing more could be done to improve my hearing, but that was not the end of it. HIS Hair brings our expertise to the city of Toronto so that its residents may have their baldness, scars and alopecia treated by the innovator of the procedure.
The entire treatment itself would require at least two sessions before the procedure would be considered finished. This is an opportunity for the practitioner to assess the extent of the patient’s hair loss and inform him about the merits of scalp micropigmentation. This will only take a few days however and any redness that is experienced on the first day can disappear before the next morning begins. It is also at this time where the guest may express any anxiety he may feel toward receiving treatment. This however is mainly to allow the pigments to settle into the dermal layer of the scalp so that it may be encased by the new skin as it heals.
Our technicians are there to ensure them that the procedure is a safe, quick and effective way to camouflage their baldness. Some like hair transplant surgery would have to wait for three to four months at least, before they see any encouraging results. The Destiny 800 are more comfortable and the hollow sound (I felt as if I was in a Barrel) was almost gone.
Vick and I would like our hearing needs monitored by Leighanne, please hire her in Creston or even Cranbrook.

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