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At The Hearing Loss Clinic, you have access to the most caring and qualified hearing health care professionals who are whole-heartedly committed to your well-being.
We are extremely fortunate to work in a strong team and family environment that enables us to put our clients’ needs and wants at the forefront while we continue to support the internal processes necessary to ensure the precise delivery of our products and services.  We continually strive to meet the desires of each and every one of our client’s hearing healthcare needs by providing unparalleled service informed by an up-to-date knowledge of innovative communication technologies.
We have 3 locations in Calgary: North, North West and South and an office in each Okotoks, Cranbrook and Creston, and Invermere, British Columbia.

Minnesota Timberwolves team owner Glen Taylor, wife Becky and family, in partnership with a network of distributors from Starkey Canada and the Starkey Hearing Foundation, worked together to distribute hearing instruments to children and adults of Cairo during the hearing mission.
The Egyptian Ministry of Health identified the people in need to be fit with 6,000 hearing instruments on this year’s mission.

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