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A link between regular noise exposure--especially workplace noise--and coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, and other illnesses has been found in previous research. To investigate the connection between noise and heart disease, researchers looked at data on 5,223 participants that was collected in national health surveys between 1999 and 2004. There was no link to heart disease seen in people who had hearing loss in only one ear or who had a loss of lower-frequency hearing, the researchers noted.
The study only studied the participants at people at one time point and cannot prove that noise or hearing loss are the direct causes of heart disease. The compact one-person Micro Booth is the industry all-rounder which can be positioned in just about any room within a building.

The Micro Booth is a robust, pre-built, relocatable audiometric booth engineered for use in occupational, industrial or medical settings. But this study looked at high-frequency hearing loss, which may be a better indicator of exposure to loud noise over time. This supports the idea that loud noise exposure, which affects high-frequency hearing, is the culprit. The researchers also acknowledged that they relied on study participants' own recollections about their work and leisure-time noise exposure. The study found an association between high frequency hearing loss, typically cause by chronic noise exposure, and a doubled risk of heart disease.

Previous studies used average decibel levels in a person's environment to determine noise exposure rather than actual noise exposure. They found that people who had high-frequency hearing loss in both ears were about twice as likely to have coronary heart disease compared to those with normal high-frequency hearing. Among those aged 50 and under, who were also most likely to be still working and exposed to loud noise at work, the heart disease risk was increased four-fold.

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