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In digital nonlinear amplification of the easy-listening sound less loud, hearing loss became soft.While the micro Canal type equipped with volume. Hearing is one of the five senses we enjoy that helps to keep us to keep in touch with everything that surrounds us.
It is used to detect and process sounds in the environment, and to communicate with others. When there is a reduced capacity to hear, our ability to connect and be involved is limited. Inner Ear Sound waves enter via the external ear into the ear canal where the sound vibrates on the eardrum. The vibrations then travel to the air filled middle ear where tiny bones send sound to the hair cells located in the fluid filled inner ear. The hair cells send electrical impulses to the hearing nerve, which relays them to the brain where the pulses are read, and interprets the sound we hear.

Excessive build up of fluid can block sound waves from vibrating on the ear drum, resulting in decreased hearing ability. Additionally, excessive cerumen (ear wax) will block sound preventing electrical impulses from ultimately reaching the brain. Cerumen is necessary for trapping debris and keeping the eardrum moist, as well as providing immunity. In the presence of an infection, the eustachian tubes become reddened and swollen, usually having an impact on the middle and inner ear chambers.
Swollen tubes that are filled with fluid blocks sound waves, which results in hearing loss.
The neural or nerve pathways of the ear are important for the conduction of electrical impulses to the brain to produce sound. Damage to these nerves results in the impulses not reaching the brain for interpretation, thereby preventing our ability to hear sounds.

Damage to the eardrum can result from pressure from infection, or sticking foreign objects into the ear, causing a puncture. The eardrum, or tympanic membrane, receives sound waves that vibrate against it and is vital for sending these vibrations to the inner ear. In a nut shell, hearing loss happens when anything interrupts the chain of events involved in the hearing process.

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