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Now, this does not have to mean large unsightly ear protectors that block out the much enjoyed music.
Performers, music artists and DJs all wear hearing protection to ensure their hearing is preserved for as long as possible.
FAQWhere do I have my hearing test?Tests can be conducted at your home, at our practice in Little Chalfont or at one of our high street Hearing Assessment Satellite Clinics.Who carries out my hearing test?This depends on the whether you go privately or via the NHS.
Pay attention to people who work in a loud environment and you’ll often spy something subtle: earplugs in nearly everyone’s ears.
Earplugs are inexpensive and you can pick them up at grocery stores and home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowes. A slightly more expensive option is a pair of simple earmuffs that reduce loud noises by surrounding your ear. Did you know that most people wait years after they first notice hearing loss before they request a hearing test or meet with an audiologist?
We are proud to announce that ENT House of Hearing was awarded the 2015 Audiology Salt Lake City Patients' Choice Award and the 2016 Audiology Tooele Patients’ Choice Award.
We all produce earwax and its main purpose is to lubricate the delicate ear canal and to trap any foreign objects that may enter the ear. Constant loud noise or loud music can cause the cells to become over stimulated which can weaken hair cells that can cause permanent hearing loss. If you have tinnitus, then it is because you exposed your ear to a constant vibration level and loud noises. There is a popular tinnitus commonly known as presbycusis, which is a hearing loss that is similar to aging.
Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world decend on the outdoor music scene, where the music is loud and the weather is unpredictable. Their careers play havock with their ears with many people in the music industry suffering from tinnitus or hearing loss.
If you decide to visit the Hospital or have your test conducted by the Chalfont Hearing Centre then you will be seen by a qualified Audiologist registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC).
And those numbers appear to be growing—especially among teenagers who constantly listen to music on iPods, cell phones and in their cars. Rock concerts are an easy and obvious target since the volume is loud and it’s almost a badge of honor to leave the show with ringing ears.
Sometimes that’s as easy as giving your ears a break by walking away from the loud noise for 10 minutes. Just ask any factory worker, rock musician or coal miner who suffers from hearing loss or deafness in their later years. Visit a gun range and you’ll discover that many people who are serious about shooting are just as serious about using earplugs before they fire a weapon.
The most popular are manufactured by Bose and you’ve likely seen these noise-reducing headphones on airplanes since they are a frequent-flyer favorite.

Simply flip a switch and the noise around you decreases, which means you can reduce the volume of your music, which is great for your ears.
Our Salt Lake City audiologists can help diagnose and prevent future hearing loss by pinpointing problems long before they become serious. Just searching in Google for ringing in the ears or tinnitus will extract over 13 million search results in 0.35 seconds. You may have had the unpleasant experience of excessive wax build up and all the over the counter and old wives’ tale advice and solutions that comes with it. In most cases the wax would gradually move out of the ear canal but certain factors can impede this movement. There are a lot of younger individuals who are suffering from hearing loss rather than elderly individuals.
The more your ears are exposed to this loud music or noise, the more damage you are doing to your ears and your hearing. An individual who are still suffering from tinnitus when they reach a certain age over fifty, still holds this problem because they are still listening to loud noises or loud music.
All of which are preventable. So invest in your hearing now, so you can continue to enjoy your favourtie music in the future. But you can damage your hearing just as easily by not protecting your ears while mowing a lawn, working with power equipment or attending a NASCAR race. So drop the volume on your TV, cell phone, iPod and car stereo and give your ears the break they deserve.
We recommend our patients use noise-reducing headphones while mowing the lawn, riding in airplanes or anywhere loud noises can damage hearing.
They may recommend hearing aids, assistive listening devices or simple lifestyle changes that can protect your hearing. We have the best selection of hearing aids in Salt Lake City and seven convenient locations.
The biggest concern is that it is not your imagination, it is there loud and clear but not caused by any sound in your environment. What no one tells you though is why you have wax, what is its purpose and what the consequences of some of these solutions are. Take an MP3 player for example, if you have the volume an extremely high level, this could cause damage to the hair cells. There have been problems as far as your blood circulation and this too, can be a caused by tinnitus if you are not careful.
Watch professional landscapers work and you’ll often find every member of the crew wearing earplugs. They’re not inexpensive—new Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones start at $300 for a pair—but they can prove invaluable in protecting your hearing and are worth the investment. Research shows that ringing in the ears or tinnitus is quite prevalent and many people around you might experience it.

In short, there aren’t any scientifically proven treatments for tinnitus with guaranteed results and some of the over-the-counter medications advertising tinnitus relief could be ineffective, costing you time and money. If you start to hear loud banging noises in your ear then that could mean you have tinnitus. Tinnitus is not any way a disease and will not cause serious illness, but you can loose your hearing permanently. Anxiety and stress levels are also pointed out when the talk about tinnitus causes are discussed.
By tailor making your ear plugs specifically to the shape of your ear, you will forget that you are even wearing them. Your nerves may become bad and make you so angry that you want to throw things because of the irritation. You shouldn’t able to listen to the music on full blast in order to enjoy the music you’re listening to. The reason you hear the noises is because the brain is creating sounds from what the ears previously heard, kind of like an echo but steadily over and over. The person who suffers from tinnitus will very well become aggravated which can raise your stress level. This is when you get into an accident and it disrupts the body’s system f balance within the inner ear. You should try and keep it at a level of sixty percent which is normalizing the level or balancing the volume level. The appropriate actions need to be taken if you find out you have tinnitus because this can cause illness for any individual. It would not such a good idea to listen to the music for more than an hour if you are listening to music on an MP3 player.
You can encounter an ear infection which will just make the situation worst for you because you are already feeling overwhelmed.
Tinnitus can come from a series of gun shots if you are so close when this happens so be very careful and aware of these causes of tinnitus. Loud music can cause this to happen so be very careful not to sit by the piano player, or drum player at an event, concert, etc. You will need to get a check up so the doctor can determine and identify the cause of tinnitus.

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