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Muffled hearing is a condition that can cause a lot of inconvenience to the person suffering from it. Muffled hearing in one ear can be described as the decrease in the ability of a person to hear sounds properly. This problem is also known as otitis media, and is a kind of infection that affects the middle part of the ear. When you are experiencing muffled hearing, then you must consult your doctor for proper identification of the cause, and the required treatment.
One of the first questions a speech pathologist will ask you in an initial speech assessment is whether you have had your child’s hearing assessed. A common misconception that parents have in regards to hearing is that they assume because a child is able to hear other noises such as pots and pans or the garbage truck outside they are able to hear fine.
The results of the hearing assessment are important in determining the type of speech therapy required and can give an indication of how long the child may require therapy.
Ashleigh is committed to providing evidence-based interventions for children and adults alike, tailoring therapy to each client’s individual needs. Our Speech Pathologist, Dietitian and Skincare Nurse offer 15min free health screening consults. Now the new award changes slightly week to week, just to keep your collections exciting, this weeks prize looks like this !!!
Use the font picked this week by Serena to make your tag utterly gorjuss, and we have a winner. An Ill slightly hard of hearing version of midway madness this week… here goes from the bizarre things I stumble accross during the week.
This challenge pits your artistic skills to use a supplied picture this week by Kim in your creation… well done to our winner.
Take a frame made by our very own Lorna, you need to use it in your tag, or make your tag in the frame..
Use the quick page provided to make the most impressive tag you can… Katt picked another quick page from the collection by the talented Rebeccas Scrapping Silliness. We are looking for tutorials to use in our weekly challenges, This week we used a tutorial by Mariel for our Tutorial Challenge. Wow loved all the tags thank you for picking my frame challenge tag I love Lorna’s frames. TYTY to the judges for picking my grab bag entry i was so excited i reached my aunt in NovaScotia , my mom hr away, and my friend in California to come check out the blog and see if they notice anything hehe. In certain cases, it may happen that the patient is unable to hear some particular frequencies of sound.

When there is excess of earwax buildup in one particular ear, then it can block the passage of sound in that ear. Such an infection is caused by germs in the mouth and nose, which mostly affects the middle part of the ear. If you experience sudden unclear hearing in one ear after getting a head injury, then the possible cause is damage in the eardrum.
Having a hearing assessment done is a vital part of the assessment and diagnostic process for a number of reasons. The hearing impairment may be a conductive hearing loss which is usually a temporary condition or a sensorineural hearing loss which is permanent. If you have questions about speech pathology and hearing or any speech related fields, contact ENT Clinic  on 1300 123 368 and make an appointment with our speech pathologists. She has experience from a Master of Speech and Language Pathology degree and a spectrum of clinical environments including private practice, inpatient and outpatient hospitals school and community based practice.
Her clinical experience enables her to provide comprehensive one-on-one, group and school program interventions. She is a 30-ish, stripey sock wearing girl from Glasgow Scotland, She spends most of her time buried in piles of Paper & Pens, scribbling furtively to the sounds of melodies in her head. It does not and should not look exact, but trying to get the same over all feel is what we are going for.
They all feature her stripey socked, whimsical girls, who are in snapshot's of their own little worlds. If you have not cleaned your ear for a long period of time, then the cause is likely to be excessive earwax.
Due to this middle ear infection, fluid gets entrapped in this region which makes transmission of sounds from outer to the inner ear difficult.
As a result, the size of the canal decreases to a great extent, and is not enough for the sound to pass through, and one experiences muffled hearing.
A minor infection may not require any treatment, but serious infection has to be treated with antibiotics.
Any abnormal bony growth, tissue growth, or fluid growth inside the ear canal will narrow down the passage, and cause partial loss of hearing.
The child may be able to hear these loud low frequency sounds but still have an impairment affecting a certain frequency range that encompasses some or all of the speech sounds. A conductive hearing loss means there is a problem with the transfer of sound through the outer or middle ear often due to ear infections (e.g. Ashleigh is trained in providing an array of up-to-date therapy techniques to help both children and adults achieve their goals.

Passionate about health and wellbeing, we write about issues relevant to our clinical practice. She is married, with a very charismatic, yet moody cat and 3 ( not quite as moody) children. The severity of the condition, after ear infection largely depends of the thickness of the fluid, which is blocking the ear.
Slight damage can heal on its own, but for severe damage one has to consider the option of surgery.
It could be one of the symptoms of acoustic neuroma which is a non-cancerous form of tumor that grows on the auditory nerve. In case it is an indication of a permanent loss of hearing, there is no treatment available, and use of hearing aid is the only solution for this problem.
Therefore it is important that children are receiving a clear speech sound input to produce speech sounds correctly. The Speech Banana to the left shows how speech sounds falls into a small range of the sound spectrum highlighted yellow. It may take some time to clear up the affected ear completely, but usually no treatment is needed. The only way the problem can be fixed is with the help of the surgery or radiation therapy.
Even a temporary ear infection can cause speech sounds to be distorted and sound muffled, making it impossible to understand speech. An impairment in high frequency sounds for example the 0-40dB range may mean they just have difficulty hearing the ‘f’, ‘th’ and ‘s’ sounds. Do not try for earwax removal with cotton swabs, as they tend to push the wax further inside the ear which in turn can damage the eardrum. Their hearing may sound similar to when you go swimming and you hear someone speaking when you are under water. This type of hearing impairment is similar to how we confuse ‘f’ for ‘s’ on the telephone, as high frequency sounds tend to be cut off by the telephone just as they would for someone with a mild hearing impairment. A Sensorineural hearing loss means there is damage to the inner ear or the 8th auditory nerve.
In most cases this requires ongoing therapy for longer periods of time and may need surgical intervention such as cochlear implant or hearing aids to improve hearing, in conjunction with regular speech therapy.

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