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We have a great horned owl nesting in our backyard,(about a three acre groomed backyard and 28 acre yard site. We keep finding carnage in the small field (on edge of woods) behind our cottage in northern New Brunswick. I live in southern alberta, seen a small owl in a barn a couple days ago, looks nothing like any of the above pictures, same basic colouring as a robin. Most hawks and eagles have migrated south by now, but it is possible there is an over-wintering population of bald eagles on the island. Last January, a very small whitish owl with big yellow eyes perched in a snow-covered maple tree in our front yard in Kitchener.
I saw an all white owl this morning at 9:30am in full daylight perched high up on a hydro pole. Burrowing owls migrate south for the winter and have been gone from Canada for many months. First time in a decade that I have seen 2 Snowy owls not 100 yards from my house in rural NB (just outside of Woodstock) The pair of them were on opposite sides of a field sitting on fenceposts. Today on the south shore of Amherst Island Ontario there were 3 Snowy owls on the ice of Lake Ontario, and at the same time there were 2 other Snowy Owls hunting in the field just north of the shore. I also saw a small owl recently at night on a fence post with something in his beak – I believe the owl was a saw whet.
Though it was April 1st, the beautiful male snowy owl just by the Wiarton runway was no joke – he was a sight to behold. I am writing this article with hopes that it might help those living with Meniere's or ear disturbances. The worse part of having meniere's for me are pressures and sounds which I can only describe as roaring, hissing, feeling like I am living in another planet where all the sounds are off and very disturbing.
I found myself wishing I could lose all my hearing if it would help stop the terrible roaring but then I was thankful I did not when the symptoms would ease off.
My meniere's is a bit unusual and even the ENT doctors did not understand until one of the older doctors more familiar figured it out and sent me off for testing. I have another type that is for wearing on airplanes and such that is called noise candeling.
I do not work an outside job because I quit work to take care of my parents and after they passed I did not return to work. They start nesting in February so the young are fledged (or nearly) when the migrating birds return. A two year old cat would be a very easy catch for a great-horned owl, and they are known to take small pets.

I saw the baby for the first time yesterday and yes he is fairly big, he sits in front of his mom and comes up mid chest. I have an owl that has decided it’s a good idea to perch in the trees behind the house at night, starting around dusk and screech at us. These owls eat everything from mice to raccoons and skunks, so I’m afraid it is possible. For the last week I have heard and seen an owl at night but have also heard at night what almost sounds like a large hawk or eagle. It’s possible you had a Northern Saw-whet owl, as the behaviour you describe fits them. These beautiful, huge owls migrate from the Arctic Tundra to southern Canada for the winter.
I grew up in a time when lunch was put in a brown paper bag and a sandwich was wrapped with wax paper. The mild dizzy has become a way of life and occurs when I move my head around or turn too quickly. I have lived with this disease for years and I have lost part of my hearing due to this disease. Before I quit working I did have spells with my ears but at the time I did not understand what this was. I have a hard time in large buildings and when the central air units kick on it can actually cause me to get dizzy and sounds more distorted than they already were, there is no sense to this disease. It changes the natural course of things and it is a very selfish thing to do so please if you are considering this I am begging you to please ask for help.
I am becoming suspicious that dehydration is what triggers my full blown meniere's attacks so now I am more careful to hydrate. Since I have changed my way of eating I have considered removing many of the recipes but many times someone comes to my website looking for a recipe that I posted and finds other things more important so I leave these recipes for that purpose. The only way to prevent this happening is to keep the cat indoors, or in a fenced run with a wire roof on it. It could be a hawk, as they eat their prey in small bites, and would leave tails and feathers.
Most owls breed in the early spring, and their youngsters would be near adult size now, and well able to fly.
I am located between 2 larger properties – one that has chickens, ducks, sheep- smaller livestock a few cows, the other has just a tree farm. There are also other predators in your area – cougar, bobcat for example that would be attracted to the vicinity by your neighbours livestock.

Hard to say what you might be hearing, as owls are the only raptors that are active at night.
There was no such thing as pantyhose, we wore stockings that attached to the rubbery clippy things that attached to the girdle. I am not a professional and I had to find a way to live with this disease because it can be very isolating, disturbing, depressing, miserable, so loud and distorted that you think you will lose your mind, so dizzy that you think it will never end but it does in my case go into remission, come out, go back into remission. The sound fills your head and there is no escape and I truly think that the doctors do not understand just how bad this part is for those that have this complication of meniere's. We never know what we experience in life may help someone else and that is why we all push through it.
I will now be posting more of what we are preparing for ourselves since we have changed the way we eat. If you have a pair of binoculars and can see how big the babies are, that will give you some idea of how long they’ll be around. It could also be a feral house cat, bobcat, fisher, fox or any number of other small mammalian predators, all of which would leave feathers and tails. Owls are normally silent, and do their hunting at night, roosting and sleeping during the day. Convenience stores were not common and when we took a trip we packed a picnic basket because many places did not have fast food. It does help when there is someone out there that understands what another is going through so you could be of help to another that is suffering.
The most common owl in Alberta, and one that matches your description would be the Great-horned owl, although they have their young in February. But tonight the one we saw fly off the tree outside the house was much larger than the other(s) we’ve seen around.
Depending on your location in southern Alberta, it could also be a Short-eared owl, though they also breed earlier in the year. Great-grey owls will take either and hunt during the day,but are only found in the mountains and boreal forest. I would think they would prefer the open fields of my neighbours farms to my treed narrow 1 acre.
I can’t make any sense of this – just wondering if there is an owl big enough to take my Pug away?

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