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The featured Ear Ringing Relief remedy this week is based on more than 45,000 hours of research and has helped thousands of tinnitus sufferers.
Based on over 45,000 hours of research, this remedy has helped thousands of people suffering from ear ringing. Whether you have ear ringing or buzzing in one or both ears you can find out the causes and various treatments currently available by visiting this section.
Sesame seedsSome Chinese herbalists recommend the use of sesame seeds for treating tinnitus.
Ginkgo biloba has been shown in many studies to be helpful for many health ailments related to aging, including memory loss, poor circulation and tinnitus. As ginkgo improves blood circulation, it could help with cases of ringing in the ears which are associated with lack of circulation to the inner ear. In his book The Herbal Handbook, David Hoffmann, a British herbalist, wrote that goldenseal could be helpful for some cases of tinnitus. Tinnitus could be linked to a deficiency in B vitamins, and some people have found relief from the ringing by taking a B complex supplement. Some research has linked a deficiency of vitamin B12, which plays a role in stabilizing neural activity, to tinnitus. It should be noted that taking high doses of aspirin could be a contributing factor to tinnitus. A Dermalogica taster skin treatment to suit those clients who are tight for time, zoning in on a particular area of concern. They never use common 'beauty' ingredients like Mineral Oil, Lanolin, artificial colors and fragrances or other cheap fillers. Sure, it's easier to formulate with them, but the bottom line is that they are bad for your skin. Obtain smooth, toned skin with an all over body scrub followed by a massage to calm the mind.
A path to super smooth skin, this invigorating treatment improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, helping to flush out toxins and reduce the appearance of unsightly cellulite. Using pre-blended essential oils from plants to target specific conditions or concerns, inducing relaxation, stress relief and all round general well being.
A revitalising stress buster to relax muscles and calm the mind, using heated lava stones and massage oils. Massage helps to increase the blood and lymphatic flow and can improve muscle tone and skin texture.
Cleansing reaction - speeding up of excretory system in the form of increased sweating, passing of urine, more frequent stools, spots, rashes, cold symptoms. Aching and soreness - due to the release of toxins and nerve fibres responding to deep tissue work. Tiredness or headache - again due to the release of toxins and the body's way of allowing healing to occur.

Do not suppress any reaction - this is a sign that the treatment has been effective, and will pass.
Please take the time to read the aftercare advice relevant to your treatment, contained within this brochure.
Most people with a hearing loss will have similar loss levels in both ears, as your ears are a pair and they are the same age, they will have been exposed to the same lifestyle and hereditary. Localisation – The reason we have two ears on either side of our head is to help us determine the direction sound is coming from.
Improved Speech Understanding – By receiving incoming sound signals from both sides we are helping our brains to build up a better sound-scape. Hearing in Noise – Hearing in noise is difficult at the best of times but with the input coming in from predominately one side, this process is even more challenging. Ability to Hear More – Simply by wearing two hearing aids you are able to hear more and so as a result, each hearing aid is able to be set at a slightly lower level to provide increased comfort and wear-ability.
Restful Hearing – Wearing two hearing aids can promote greater well being and be less fatiguing than wearing just one. Active Ears – When only one hearing aid is used, the aided ear tends to maintain its ability to understand speech and interpret sound while the unaided ear slowly loses these ability over time. Tinnitus Relief – Many people that are using two aids claim that their tinnitus is less intrusive when wearing two aids instead of just one. Listening in the Car – When two hearing aids are used, an individual can hear whether he or she is the passenger or the driver. Acute Rescue Cream™ is suitable for trauma and injury to skin, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and connective tissue.
BiYan Pian is a safe and effective Chinese herbal formula that is useful when cold symptoms affect the nasal and sinus cavities.
The herbs in this formula give special support to the nasal system and help to eliminate the discomfort and irritable feeling during the allergy seasons. The nutrients in this formula support healthy brain function, increase the vital energy and enhance the body’s capacity to work. The herbs in this expectorant formula reduce fever, stop spasm and clear infections caused by bacteria, fungus, and parasites. This syrup also contains Diphenhydramine, an antihistamine, and Guaifenesin, an OTC expectorant. This highly effective Chinese herbal formula is widely used to treat chronic and acute symptoms of poor digestion due to poor eating habits, food allergies and sluggish bowel function. For thousands of years, it has been highly recommended as one of the most effective medicines for all illnesses, including auto-immune diseases. Where ear infections are chronic or after ear has been perforated, ErYan Ling Ear Oil will promote healing, reducing the inflammation and the frequency of infections. The formula can be used to prevent crystallization of damp heat in the gallbladder, bile ducts or liver caused by poor eating habits or persistent infections.

Over time the continued use of this healing formula will improve immune function and the body’s condition.
Appropriate for those who have frequent bacterial infections and a history of antibiotic use. Long term use helps to maintain freedom of movement and promotes healthy muscles and bones.
Frequently used to treat acute or chronic low back pain, the herbs in this formula prevent crystallization of damp heat in the lower body and stops pain. A good remedy for adults and children with chronic cough, asthma-related conditions and a history of over-active immune system.
Appropriate for children with poor appetite, stomach pain after eating, and night-time cough with mucous expectoration. Relora™ is an exceptional formula for the over-worked and highly stressed person with a hypersensitive or weakened immune system. Suitable for children and adults, works quickly to resolve pain and inflammation, especially when taken at the onset of symptoms. After doctors have ruled out possible serious causes, for example the presence of a tumor, there is really very little else that they can do for you. You could add these seeds to the foods you consume or use tahini, the bread spread made from sesame seeds.
While it may not work for every single case of the condition, James Duke, PhD, wrote that it would be the first herb he would try. Michael Seidman, an ear, nose and throat specialist, recommended higher supplementation levels of three specific B vitamins — thiamin, niacin and vitamin B12.
Zinc supplementation could thus be useful, as could the consumption of zinc-rich foods such as pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts, pecans and oysters. Consequently, herbs with aspirin-like properties, such as willow bark, wintergreen and meadowsweet, should be avoided. The human brain often better understands and interprets what it hears when sounds arrive at it from both ears. Shen’s Sinus™ is effective treatment for itchy eyes, stuffy or runny nose, sinusitis and other airborne allergy symptoms. If you have poor hearing in both ears, consider a 60-day trial period with binaural (both ears) amplification.
If you determine that the extra benefit of two aids does not justify the cost, return one of the aids at the end of the period and keep the other one.

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