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Shell - 3 triple crochet in the same stitch, chain 4, slip stitch in the top of the same triple crochet, 3 triple crochet in the same stitch. Attach the thread to the hoop, wrapping the thread around the hoop and pulling the thread through the loop on the hook.
OreoSeptember 5, 2010 at 3:03 PMHi Teresa, I was thinking of using this pattern for lace edging on a handkercheif, on the end of a couple of open mesh filet, I am having a hard time finding lace patterns. One freelance writer in California has a granddaughter who will soon celebrate her first birthday. When a grandmother envisions a diamond hoop earring, she pictures something like a petite hoop.
Still, the willingness of an online shopper to enter the words “diamond hoop earrings” does not guarantee quick access to pictures of jewelry that can fill the needs of that online shopper. A grandmother who knows little about hoops jewelry might shutter at pictures of shoulder dusters. The owners of web sites with hoops jewelry probably realize that most of the online jewelry shoppers sit at their computers looking for eye-catching items such as the shoulder dusters or the triple layer hoops.

Therefore, any grandmother who hopes to buy a white gold diamond hoop earring for her granddaughter needs to demonstrate a good deal of patience. Maybe the California writer and grandmother will one day have reason to share her granddaughter’s opinion of hoops jewelry. These 0.35ct hoop diamond earrings feature 80 round brilliant-cut diamonds, micropave set, in your choice of clarity.
That is especially true, if the online shopper in search of diamond hoop earrings happens to be a grandmother. A grandmother who does not have pierced ears, and who has never worn a diamond hoop earring, might cringe at the thought of giving her granddaughter a long hoop such as a shoulder duster. The site owners have thus chosen to provide the online shopper with a “barrage” of pictures that contain such eye-catching items. If she is making her purchase from an online store, then she must set aside plenty of time for completion of that search. It could, for example alert her to the fact that some online stores carry lightweight hoops jewelry.

Therefore, the woman who is both a writer and grandmother expects that she will one day purchase more than one diamond hoop earring. The grandmother may well find that a majority of the online pictures show earrings with very large hoops. A grandmother might well want to keep in mind the possible purchase of lightweight hoops at some point in the future—some time when her granddaughter enters her teen years. You have helped me design my own poppies and other flowers.I would like to know how you make the crochet symbol key, they are so perfect.
Yet she should eventually find at least one web site with tiny, white diamond hoop earrings.

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