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When it comes to decorating, there are many ways to incorporate nature into your home with the use of wood slices. A pivot table is an interactive table to summarize, cross-tabulate, analyze and explore large amounts of data. Click the options and Design of the PivotTable Tools which becomes available when you click anywhere in a PivotTable and explore what you can achieve in a pivot table report. In addition to quick filtering, slicers also indicate the current filtering state, which makes it easy to understand what exactly is shown in a filtered PivotTable report. This rustic table runner is made with wood slices from a branch you can find in your own backyard.
OH my goodness this is truly incredible- so much thought and effort put into all your posts! Plus, if you gather your own branches and small logs, then all your wood slice materials are free. Microsoft Excel has several functions and add-ins which you can use to analyze data and the possibilities are limitless! There are also pivot chart reports that can help you visualize the PivotTable report’s summary data, so that you can easily see comparisons, patterns, and trends. You can automatically include subtotals and grand totals or use your own formulas by adding calculated fields and items. The PivotTable and PivotChart Wizard is still available, and you can use it as needed by adding it to the Quick Access Toolbar, or by pressing ALT + D + P to start it.

To place the PivotTable report in a new worksheet starting at cell A1, click New Worksheet.
I have been 'planning' this tutorial since we purchased our Christmas tree and it came with this hunk of wood on the bottom. Hold the pipe tightly in the vice at the outer tape markings and pull the rest of the pipe towards you. Put the pipe back into the vice face down with the rest of the pipe facing towards you and bend the pipe in your direction. Once you've bent all four ends of the pipes inwards go to the the final tape mark that is left in the middle of your first pipe and bend just enough to let the second pipe sit underneath it. Screw your saddle clips into the bottom of your wood slice over the ends of the copper pipe. I think it would help if you used a really strong glue like E6000 to secure where the two posts meet at the bottom. The beauty of pivot tables lie in the fact that you can easily rotate rows and columns of data to view various data summaries. Excel automatically determines the range for the PivotTable report, but you can replace it by typing a different range or a name that you defined for the range.If the source data is in another worksheet or workbook, include the workbook and worksheet name by using the following syntax [workbookname]sheetname!range.
Here you'll want to measure an equal amount from the bottom that will allow you at least a couple of inches at the top of each pipe.
You'll need to adjust the sides a little now to give you two legs that look like the bottom picture below.

I didn’t have a pipe bender, so I did it by hand using refrigeration coil {no way I could have bent regular copper, haha}. Also using sticky pads along the bottom of the pipe if any part is shorter than the others.
When creating your own wood slice art, you can choose to either use a single height for each wood slice piece on a project or use varying heights which will give the piece more texture. When you change the layout of either report, the other report also changes.However, a pivotChart and its associated PivotTable report must always be in the same workbook. Six months and 500 ideas later I decided I had to just get on with it and I'm so happy I did!
However, I definitely need to get one so I can make even stronger stands like yours in the future.
So check out Marji’s Wood Slice Wall Art Tutorial at Ashbee Design and get well on your way to creating your own amazing piece of wood slice wall art.

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