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A blog of random jottings on events, science, renfairs, travel, reading, music, humanism, religion, atheism, and even the odd spot of gardening. You can combine the pork crackling with fruit easily; here is a few recipes involving quinces.
How Prof Brian Cox got sin-binned for having the 'wrong' wife; and what that means for us all. Copyright is asserted for the Heathen Hub itself and for its owner by its owner, from 2008 onwards. The first card I want to talk about that I’m really excited for from Oath of the Gatewatch is Nissa, Voice of Zendikar.
As you might recall, Sam Black and crew piloted this deck to amazing success at the last Standard Pro Tour. Plus, since we’re playing eight planeswalkers in a deck like this there might even be room for the new Oath of Nissa enchantment. Nissa is currently preselling for $20, which I think is extremely cheap for a planeswalker that could definitely have four copies in the updated deck. Oath of Nissa is preselling for a bit more at $6-$7, which I think is pricey for a Standard rare. This card has to be the one of the most protected cards in Magic, and that is saying something. Finally, the last card I want to mention is Thought-Knot Seer, which has been getting a ton of buzz from the Commander crowd.
Since most Commander decks play lands that generate colorless mana, this is an easy slot into many decks.
Track your collection's value over time, see which cards moved the most, track wishlists, tradelists and more. All that said, it’s really interesting to see which cards have already began ascent and which have remained stagnant. Despite being narrow in scope, I believe the data out there is strong enough to conclude Modern will once again be a lucrative format to speculate on.
With the print runs of recent sets, it’s hard to find a reason these days to invest in a Standard legal pack. Next you want to use an inexpensive scruffy brush to apply the top coat like the one in a photo. I found that leaving it alone for a few hours or even better over night gave me the best crackle results.
To finish this project I glued all the pieces together, added some images, yarn and shiny embellishments. This is an example of a widget area that you can place text to describe a product or service. It is not considered to be a disease on its own, but is more considered to be a symptom of colds, allergies, and polyps.
But first, something that I came across by accident, and that is, how to cook crackling (pork fat rinds) to perfection. I haven’t seen too many mentions of this planeswalker yet but I want to point out that she is a perfect slot into the previous Pro Tour breakout deck, Bant Tokens from Pro Tour BFZ.

She fits right into the curve at three mana, with a four mana followup Gideon being extra special. At one mana, we can’t discount the usefulness of this enchantment since it acts practically as a one mana land tutor (and if there are better cards than lands well so much the better!) and then on top of that provides perfect mana for the three mana Nissa into the four mana Gideon, which normally would be somewhat difficult at the best of times due to needing two green for Nissa and two white for Gideon. Again, along with cards like Hangarback Walker and Gideon, Nissa adds another element of ongoing token generation and threat that needs to be dealt with.
Remember, we are in a totally new era for Standard rare card prices, so I’m not expecting Oath of Nissa (even if it is found in a playset in a Tier 1 deck) to ever stay above $5 for long. This guy is going to have casual appeal for years and years to come, so the play here is to wait about three months after the set’s release and then pick up your copies for stocking away for a rainy day.
Yes, you can still wipe this with something like Wrath of God, but you’re playing against a blue player! Geist of Saint Traft is pretty bad but this would be even worse since you can’t counter it. I for one can’t wait to update my Karn, Silver Golem deck with all the great new toys in the set, including putting basic Wastes into there so I don’t get blown out by cards like Ruination or Wave of Vitriol! This set is much more exciting than Battle for Zendikar, because not only do we get Wastes and add a brand new Basic Land to the game, but we also get much more powerful Eldrazi and Allies (along with an Ally Commander, which has a five color Commander identity and is easy to cast!) that many players are going to desire.
For those that enjoy that, though, you have something else on top of all the new cards to look forward to! I am embarrassed for even momentarily suggesting Modern may be hitting a plateau as far as interest is concerned. Even with some metagame evolution, a large portion of the mainstays of Modern should still be relevant – Affinity, Tron, Splinter Twin, Infect, etc.
But the train is already leaving the station – in fact, it’s already nearing its final destination on stuff like Eye of Ugin and Eldrazi Temple.
I decided to do this technique on the sides, top, and bottom so I taped the edges with painters tape. I brush on the paint in random directions making sure that the bristles are slightly breaking through the glue. Crepitus is usually caused by weak muscles and strengthening them, as well as treating your arthritis, can simply and easily eliminate it. Better still, this recipe calls for a handyman, since it calls for the use of a Stanley knife (= an X-acto knife, utility knife, boxcutter) and the optional use of a blowtorch, and I'm better with a blowtorch than cooking. You can throw in a few extra fresh, uncooked plum slices on top of the result as well, for contrast. Dark Jeskai is a much faster and more consistent deck than Bant Tokens, which is why it has fallen out of favor since the release of Magic Origins and the ubiquitous adoption of Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy (the little Jace that could). Typically, three mana planeswalkers have proven to be powerful and I would not be surprised at all for Nissa to help new and existing archetypes as the OGW Standard metagame pans out.
There are just too many Standard rares out there these days, and if you consider the amount of product that will be opened for Expeditions in this set, you have a recipe for long term lower prices across the board on all set rares.
Obviously since it is an uncommon, the price ceiling is going to be something like $2, especially since it is a multicolor… but wow is that effect nice!
So we’re not going to see any four mana Anticipates with a body being cast in Standard.

Like the past Eldrazi bretheren (and even the new Ulamog, which is starting to rise in price again…) this will be a great addition to your portfolio for years to come.
The fact that you get to let an opponent draw a card is irrelevant in multiplayer, since you can make an ally or other opponent that isn’t a combo player have a card.
Last week I went as far as to use wishy washy language surrounding my prediction for how Modern cards would perform come 2016. Yet when I review the top movers so far in 2016, I’m seeing almost all the growth thus far occurring with Eldrazi cards, presumably due to the current block. With that in mind, I’m going to look to a couple ideas that are still worth pursuing as the Modern hype rapidly approaches its peak for the first half of 2016.
You can also visit habitat for humanity stores and scrap wood bins at your local home improvement.
She volunteers for SCRAP Denton  where she is on the education committee, teaches workshops, art camp, and performs art demos. While crepitus can occur in any joint, it is most common in the knees as they bear the most weight on a continual basis. Since I love fat, and I can afford to, being preternaturally thin my whole life long, here is a marvellous full description of various ways of making the best pork crackling. I really like this enchantment a ton, since it feels like a fixed Sylvan Library or Sensei’s Divining Top that is still fine for a format like Standard. I mean, if Siege Rhino could never break $5 for long, I certainly don’t expect this enchantment to. Even though this is a terrible Snapcaster for eternal, you are getting a ton of value for you mana when playing this in Standard. The key is to time the market right and try to get in on the low point, hopefully when it hasn’t found a home in Standard and the set has reached market saturation. Sure, it costs a ton of mana, but in more casual playgroups I can totally see this thing running away with the game. She is passionate about mixed media art and enjoys helping others discover their creativity.
Note that all those ways leave room open for experimentation, using that blowtorch, for example. Not being able to cast the card again during your opponent’s next turn is devastating, especially for combo-oriented decks. And with record breaking Star City Open attendance in Cincinnati this weekend (1,022 participants) it’s clear there’s more growth ahead.
I suggest practicing this technique on a scrap piece of wood before you start your final project. Copyright for the vBulletin software itself, and the vBulletin Blogs software, remains with Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd, as in the copyright notice above.

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