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My nose piercing is about two months old and I have a smallish bump right underneath the jewelry on the outside I'm not sure what it is whether it is a keloid or not.
AnswerIf you have a bump, and it does not go away easily with simple aftercare and quality jewelry, a dermatologist or your healthcare provider should be able to help with the next steps. Often a piercing done with slightly irritating material like an alloy of steel or gold can prevent complete healing.
I rarely find a nostril screw in an irritated piercing that is not at least partially responsible for the problem. As far as nostril jewelry goes, I prefer the titanium threadless 18g labrets from NeoMetal They are more comfortable than any screw in terms of having less metal up your nose, better chemistry and microstructure, less friction and a better polish.

You can apply a dry hot compress (such a heat pad set to medium or a hot washcloth in a sealed plastic bag for ten-fifteen minutes) as often as once an hour up to bedtime to increase circulation and build immune response. Some people in your situation have success with a judicious application of antiseptic or antibiotic products at this point. Distributor and Body Art expert for SciCan StatIM sterilization and infection control products.
A medical professional can diagnose and treat skin conditions such as keloid or hypertrophic scarring, though I suspect that this bump is not a keloid. Make sure to put something absorbent such as a gauze pad or tissue in between you and the compress to keep it from getting sweaty.

I don't like the way it's looking right now and having the bump is making me regret the piercing.

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