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They come in a variety of fabrics and weights and sometimes allow you to create an architectural look.
Wide cascading vests give you even more options as I showed you a while ago with the Covered Perfectly cascading vest.
With the 70s trend going strong, it’s super chic to wear a long vest or cardigan over jeans. A long vest is comfortable and chic for your upcoming christmas parties, especically when you use one of the chic color pattern as seen above.
Above left is another 70s inspired look for a casual day while the all black outfit is chic for a party or the office. Although this season’s long vest is most often worn lose in a straight line, some of the vests can also be belted as shown in the picture at the top of this article. Here are many of the long vests pictured in this article that you can buy online right now, as well as some of the clothes worn with them.
For even more inspiration on how to wear a long vest, you can also check my how to wear a long vest Pinterest board. FREE STYLE GUIDE & MINI COURSEHow to find your style in 10 stepsTake your style to the next level! I have very narrow shoulders and wide hips and I don’t think I would look very good in these, though I do like them. Also for the office, when a blazer sometimes is a bit warm, a vest still adds a formal touch.
Next post: How to improve your skin without surgery – the best over-the-counter gadgets you can buy in stores now! After a long, cold winter, I was really excited to spend the summer wearing flip-flops and sandals.

I can’t decide what I think of your inclusion of the kimono trend (the fact that we’re calling it that and the ones that literally ARE real kimonos feel a little culturally appropriative) but this was a great post! I combined some of my old examples of long vest outfits together with some new ones in this article to show you lots of options on how to wear a long vest and look super chic. Wear over a variety of tops and wear cardigans or jackets over them when it gets really cold. You can play with colorblocking or wear one solid color underneath for a long & lean line. You can see how I wore it here in a winter version and here as s summer version. The vest now comes in several winter colors.
It definitely has its advantages as we can add more bulk to that area (I have a flat bum too). And it is so versatile and I also pair it in a more casual way with leather leggings or jeans.
Just be aware of your proportions and test out in the mirror which length of vest is most flattering on you. A beautiful necklace or scarf will help too to divert attention away from your arms but with a nice long vest the eye is on the flattering vertical lines and noone will notice your upper arms.
Take any sheer summer top you have and just throw it over your tube dress and pair with a fedora. Throw fashion rules out the window and wear your ankle boots with visible socks pulled up and a skirt.
Does any outfit scream “fall” more than ankle boots, jeans, a plaid shirt, a fur vest and a scarf? As you can see, a black bottom layer with a lighter vest creates a very slimming and long silhouette.

If you are very self conscious about your arms you could always opt for a darker top underneath the vest which would minimise it even further. This dress makes a great slip under another dress, because of the stretchy material, it kind of acts like spanx.
Wearing it with wide pants can be more tricky but to me this look is different, chic and modern.
I love a long vest to cover the flat behindski issue but worry about accenting the narrow shoulders. With great brands like T-Party and Nikibiki, we offer a huge selection of styles and colors to fit any of your needs. Not to be weird, but my feet are kind of gross because flip-flops and the beach will do that to a girl.
During the colder months, ankle boots look amazing with jeans, or a skirt or dress with tights. But, we’re curious how else you can style this fabulous dress as part of your wardrobe.
During warmer months, you can get away with wearing the right pair of ankle boots with shorts or a dress. I did some digging and found there are some really cute ways to wear a tube dress that I wouldn’t have thought of myself.

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