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Home Pretty Polished Collection Care LW's Collection Capital WH's Collection Capital Ask Us! Drybar, a blow dry bar that is currently all over California, has opened in NYC very close to my new apartment.
While not as high profile as the Helmut Lang party I was planning to attend, the NY based outfit provided a classy offering of San Pellegrino mineral water accompanied by denim colored cookies. To collect the door prize, I purchased two sweaters that I scouted out on the Madewell website day of. For a quick look at my top picks for Fall’s most effortless sweaters see below starting with the two I bought at FNO.
Black Tie Affair by LaurenLet me begin by saying what a LOVELY weekend we had celebrating Jimmy + Kate in Chicago.

Purchase: I had a moment of weakness in Nordstrom when I happened upon the Alexis Bittar cuff (pictured). I mixed a bunch of jewelry together for this outfit - silver and gold bracelets, druzy quartz earrings, a smokey quartz ring, etc (I couldn’t find my jewelry so I just used examples here).
The Riedel wine glass company has a long history of providing excellence in wine glasses for aesthetic and tasting purposes. Or choose the colorless, stemless wine tumblers for a modern take on the classic glass - guaranteed to be hit with any vino! They also had a special 10% discount for FNO and gave away polka dotted denim tote bags for purchases of $150 or more. In addition to being well constructed and made of high quality fabrics (two reasons why Madewell is one of my favorite brands), they met my very discreet criteria for choosing fall sweaters.

It’s extremely comfortable, great for layering and because the silk has a little bit of a shine to it, it looks really really luxe. It is formal enough that you can wear it out at night with heals and easy enough that you can pair it with flats for a more casual day look. The deal was closed last week but executives decided to hold back the information until after September 11th.

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