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I put the glass from the frame on top of the pillowcase and placed it where I wanted to cut.
When my husband and I bought our first home it was my dream to redo our kitchen, but I didn’t think it would happen for many, many years. Our bottom cabinets are black knotty alder and the upper cabinets are stained knotty alder with black crown molding. Many shocks have tune markers on the outside to show how the frame manufacturer spec’d them. Like a song stuck in your head, the internal damping tune of your suspension is what makes it sing.
That means even a different stock tune is still going to be made to fit a very wide range of riders rather than you, specifically.
Indeed, the compression tune is dictated by how the oil flows through the compression damping circuit.
Booth started us off explaining how most suspension components are made to fit a wide range of riders and bikes.
Opting to have your suspension professionally tuned isn’t something to be taken lightly.
Want to Contribute?We’re always looking for enthusiastic, positive and talented writers that know their way around both a bicycle and sentence structure. Scalable to any size without losing image quality; can be used for any printing or online applications. He is well-versed in attempting to understand difficult - to -diagnose cases, especially hearing cases. Everyone from children to grandparents come knocking looking for someone who belongs over there.
Welcome to Humming Right Along~ a place where two friends {from forever ago} come together to share all things loved, in this brand new blog!
I wanted something very sturdy that wouldn't tip very easy (small children run amok at my house) so I used a matching bowl instead of a candlestick or wine glass. Several people asked where I bought it, and couldn't believe it when I told them that I made it!
So when we started talking about finishing our basement and my mom said you don’t spend anytime in your basement, you should just do the kitchen because that is where you spend the most time, the wheels started turning and before too long my dream became a reality. My dad thought I was crazy for doing the two tone and even asked the cabinet installers to make sure I meant to do that, but I think it turned out beautiful.
I am very thankful to my hubby for agreeing to do the remodel earlier then originally planned.
It’s Greek to most of us, but suspension tuners will use that info as a starting point.
And if none of the other tricks worked, you could look at a new suspension fork or shock that has more adjustability built in.

For instance, assuming you have the right spring rate, then you look at how quickly and easily (or rarely and difficultly) you’re able to blow through your travel. Proper suspension setup allows a rider to focus on what’s ahead instead of what’s underneath their wheels. Stock suspension components and adjustment ranges are generally more applicable to 150-190lb rider weights with average riding skill level. Prices for rebuilds and mild tuning start at about $150 for modern forks and shocks and go up from there, sometimes pushing close to $400 or more.
Most major brands can build the shock to spec for the bike it’s going on, which means they can build to your spec using various off the shelf parts.
I have been looking for a cute way to hint to everyone that this is our home, not theirs, so try next door. We are Andrea and Jasey, two Wyoming girls, balancing hubbies, kids, and jobs, while managing to find a little time here and there to create. My dad is an electrician so he was able to help us there and some wonderful uncle’s brought us some tile from Texas all the way to Wyoming! For the vast majority of riders, these user-friendly adjustments are going to get your mountain bike tackling the terrain like a champ.
Or you could just order a new shock with a softer or firmer tune directly from Fox, Rockshox, Manitou, DT Swiss, Magura or whomever. That is, the spring force at any given displacement does not matter how slowly or quickly the shock is cycled. The size of the holes and ports and the strength and stack design of the shims controls how quickly oil can flow through them. If things aren’t as supple as you want it to be even in the wide open setting and at the top of the travel, then you need a less firm compression tune. The reason is that the stock shock is a tune that matches the bike’s various leverage rates through travel. Luckily our last names begin with different letters, so I thought I would give a try at making a burlap "M"~ surely that won't be mistaken for the neighbor's "C." I think it turned out pretty cute.
I made his all-time favorite coconut cake, and my favorite Earl Grey Chocolate Cake for the party.
I you use items you already own, or purchase them at the dollar store, you could cut the price even more. Great-Grandma Mary lived out-of-state and so my daughter does not have many memories of her, so to make sure she knows how special of a lady she was I wrote about the pillowcase and Great-Grandma Mary on the back of the frame. That might be an easier solution then sending it off for custom tuning, but it would be missing the point. That is, Damper Force = damping rate (which is always at least a weak function of velocity, sometimes highly variable) x shaft speed.
The holes are typically what control low speed damping, letting oil flow through holes and ports.

Presentation is everything, and I wanted a fabulous way to display these cakes~ something worthy of this special occasion.
That is, Spring Force = spring rate (which in the case of air springs is a function of displacement) x displacement.
You should consider whether your current bike and equipment is worth the investment, or if an upgrade to a better (not just different, but better) part or even bike might be more worthwhile. The Cane Creek is the only new shock that can work for possibly all as the range of adjustments is so wide, but it will take some time and patience to dial it in.
First, I discovered that you are lucky if your name begins with a C, S, U, W, O, Z, V, or any other letter there might be where you can bend your letter easily from one piece of wire without back-tracking or twisting a second or even third piece of wire on.
But in my little corner of Wyoming we are what I like to call "shopping challenged." What's a girl to do?
The shim stacks are typically designed to flex under a certain amount of pressure, which lets them flex when a higher speed oil flow pushes them open and, thus, controls high speed damping. Where there is a will, there is a way, and the other letters can be crafted, but it takes a little thought to figure out how to put it all together.
Between the two of us, we've done a little of just about everything and are here to be inspired and hopefully to inspire, humming right along as we go.
I know there are plenty of tutorials for this type of project in blogland, but I just sort of winged it. I put it on top of the raised circle (its not pictured, but looks the same as the ridge on the bottom of the plate). Then I used needle-nose pliers to pinch the wires together so they fit smoothly together and also to crimp any loose ends I had so they didn't poke out and snag the burlap. I have always been a little skeptical about how something like this would hold up, and I am here to tell you that if you use E-6000, you will never know the difference. Then quickly turn the bowl over and place it in the center of the bottom of the plate, as pictured.
For example, an H would be made with three pieces, two sides of equal length, and one shorter piece for the middle. I should note that I used wire that I bought for a little over three dollars in the fencing section of Home Depot. You should find it close to the re-bar.Once you have figured out how to make your letter, and the wires have been smoothed and the ends crimped, it is time to work with the burlap.
Weave the burlap onto the wires by poking it down through the front, and up through the back.
When you reach the end of the wire, use needle-nose pliers to grab the end and twist it so that a circle forms (make sure to bend the sharp end in) to stop the burlap from sliding off.

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