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The LEGO KidsFest national tour stops at the Raleigh Convention Center October 7 – 9, 2011.
My friend Shan took her sons to the event in Minneapolis and immediately shot me a note upon her return telling me that I simply must take my boys too.
In Raleigh there are five sessions – all identical – available for the October 7 – 9 tour stop.
If you don’t live in the Raleigh area, you can still catch LEGO KidsFest 2011 tour stops in Cleveland (November 4-6) and Hartford (December 2-4).
I just so happen to have a pair of tickets to GIVEAWAY for the Friday session (October 7, 4pm-8:30pm). Disclosure: I received free tickets to take my family to the event but was not otherwise compensated. Even though Legos can take over my house, I am so thrilled by all the learning and development benefits that they provide.

I would love to have the tix to go as M has discovered LegoLand online and keeps asking about it. I’m spending ALL the family disposable income that weekend to FLY to a vintage motorcycle rally, show and races in Alabama, leaving my family short on cash. My inner child recognizes that providing tickets to this event would be a welcome consolation to the wife and child I’m leaving behind that weekend.
He plays with them every day and my daughter has finally realized that she needs to play with them too if she wants to spend time with him.
But he doesn’t know how many years I spent sorting and building LEGOs with his Uncle Michael when we were kids.
We are large lego fans here- especially my son who wants every set of Star Wars Legos ever made!
Would love to take some time out from my busy schedule and spend it with my kids and what they enjoy.

Just leave me a comment telling me who really wants the tickets, your inner child or your child. This would be a perfect chance for my son and his always working daddy to spend some quality time together! They have so much fun building structures and acting out all kinds of battles and scenarios with the little Lego people.

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