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So should you start looking twice at your network extra closely to make sure they like you back? Let’s all join Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and the rest of the gang at 100 Acre Wood for a birthday party full of hunny!
A picture with Pooh – An alternative to the background of the invitation is to take a picture of your child holding a favorite stuffed Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Rabbit or Kanga and Roo. Fill plenty of blue balloons (for the story of Pooh pretending to be a rain cloud in order to procure some honey) with helium and set them around the party area. If you live in a warm climate and have trees in your yard, consider hosting the party outside to emulate the 100 Aker Wood.
For an indoor party, make a big tree trunk out of pieces of brown paper taped together at the back. Red balloon toss – If your party will be held indoors, have guests toss around one of the helium balloon decorations and attempt to keep the balloon off the floor.
This party idea is sweet and will be a keepsake memory, so be sure to take plenty of photos and e-mail or text them to guests after the party so everyone can recall their good time.
But while the vast majority of the participants thought the people they considered their friends felt the same way about them, the feeling wasn't always mutual.

If your kids love Pooh Bear like mine do (and my favorite stuffed animal was, yes, Pooh) they’ll get a kick out of a Winnie the Pooh party. Make sure you note this on the invitations so parents have time to get a costume together for their children. Scrunch tissue paper pieces in various shades of green, or autumn colors if you’d like. This is an obvious choice — find honey flavors (like honey graham crackers) or serve honey on toast. Find a yellow and black sock, a yellow and black piece of material or draw lines on yellow fabric with a black magic marker. For an outdoor party, pick up an inexpensive kite at Walmart or any inexpensive local dollar bin and let kids take turns holding the string. But the researchers took that into account and tallied up results from previous studies. Set the party table in these colors and with Pooh images on plates, cups, napkins and the tablecloth. Cut wavy yellow felt pieces and glue all along the outside rim of the pot to look like honey drips.

Print out a big picture of the sad but oh so lovable donkey who’s always losing his tail. Winnie the Pooh character Pez dispensers, Slinkies (for Tigger’s tail) and individual bags of baby carrots are all fun Winnie the Pooh party bag ideas. But after that, it’s a simple matter of passing the kite handle off from one guest to the next and letting them have the thrill of watching their kite float in the air.
Print out images of Pooh bear and his friends and tape them so they’re sitting among the leaves of the tree. Set up some flower pots in your yard or in the party room and have guests take turns tossing the bee into the honey pots.

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