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Diseases that affect the ear – Some health problems can affect the shape of the inside of the ear, and make it hard for wax to move out. A narrow ear canal (figure 2) – In some people, the ear canals are narrower than in others. Changes in ear wax and lining due to aging – As people get older, their ear wax gets harder and thicker.
Bad ear-cleaning habits – Some people try to clean their ears using cotton swabs (Q-Tips) or other tools. In some cases, physicians will remove ear wax in people whose ears are impacted and who aren’t able to let others know if they have symptoms or not.
Rinsing – In some cases, a doctor or nurse can remove impacted ear wax by squirting water (or a special liquid) into the ear to rinse it out.
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Pain in the ear may be due to hard and impacted wax in the outer ea canal or due to an infection anywhere in the ear.
In these cases, the nerves that supply both the ear and the related structures may refer the pain from another area to the ear. Another important cause of pain in the ear can be swelling and infection in the outer ear canal. Do not ignore episodes of cold or sore throat, especially if you are going to be travelling by air. Any discharge from the ear may be alarming; however, blood stained discharge becomes particularly frightening for the patient or the parents. Ear is a finely tuned organ bounded from the external world by the ear drum in the outer ear canal. Yet, it is connected with the nose and the throat through a muscular tube- the Eustachian tube. Another important cause of ear discharge is infection of the bones surrounding the ear- mastoid. The infections in the nose and throat leading to ear discharge are the major cause of ear discharge.
A more sinister and potentially dangerous cause of ear discharge can be CSF ( fluid that surrounds the brain) leaking through the ear. The ear is an organ of special senses and one to mature the first among all organs of special senses. The surgery (Tympanoplasty) involves a small incision in the groove behind the ear, and harvesting a drum like tissue from the covering of the muscle there ( Temporalis fascia).
The risk of leaving the perforation is far greater than the usual risk involved in any surgery. Well, I personally stumbled across ear wax hash in my schooling years, and was completely enthralled by the experience I had with it. I dont think bat is completely right at the butane part as there’s a process of vacuuming to remove every last bit of butane residue from the oil. In New zealand from the seventies right through to the early 2000’s we smoked a lot of cannabis oil.
The oil can be made any number of ways but the most popular method was always using isopropyl alcohol to strip the cannabinoids, thc from the weed leaving a vivid green alcohol which would then be VERY carefully cooked off until all was left was the cannabis oil at the bottom of the pot. A bunch of know nothing know it doubt is correct about vaccuum purging wich is what makes the distinction between honey oil and wax.
However, when procedures of this nature are performed poorly or incorrectly there is a strong concern to the inhalation of vapors by individuals performing the extraction and have even been as extreme as cardiac arrest, death and several other severe cases all of which are documented. I’ve had some and the person I got it from said it was extracted with Nitrous oxide (CO2).

Also, I heard that Iso extracts involve lots of plant material in the oil and that it is black. Also to the nitwit talking about nitrogen extractions, the atmosphere is 70% nitrogen, breathing nitrogen does not give you nitrogen bubbles.
For example, skin problems that cause skin cells to shed a lot can lead to wax build-up in the ears. This can include young children, and people who are confused or have trouble speaking, including some older adults. The more common areas from which the pain can be referred to the ear are the teeth and the jaw. However, the discharge may start secondary to trauma or even by repeated scratching or probing of ears. This membrane is extremely delicate and can be easily damaged by infections in the middle ear.
The patients can go back home the same day after surgery and come back for suture removal after a week. The test for hearing is done again after a month to a month and a half, to document the hearing gain. The open perforation exposes the ear to repeated infections and can potentially cause irreversible and irrepairable hearing loss. If you have ever seen or used ear wax hash it has a similar consistency to the wax that comes out of your ear. Wax made from butane has a much darker color & is bad for your lungs despite having quite a punch.
So while it is safe to consume extracts of cannabis using the butane extraction methods, one should use extreme caution as to avoid the breathing or inhalahtion of the gases which are all around you constantly evaporating and traveling upward into airstreamns unseen by most or noticed little by the novice or uneducated person trying the method without proper knowledge of such. Iso and Ethyl both are liquids until well above room temp, so it’s a longer process until the solvent is evapped. Diving (which increases the solubility of the nitrogen) and needles (pumping air into your blood) give you nitrogen bubbles. If youve ever smoked wax you would see a spark on the nail, thats the butane instantly going away. Normally, ear wax helps to protect the insides of the ears and prevents injury or infection (figure 1). A person’s ear canal can become more narrow after an ear injury or after severe or multiple ear infections. A simple pain killer may be sufficient and allow you a few hours respite to reach your doctor safely. When someone suffers frequent allergies or sore throats, the inner end of the tube can get swollen and blocked.
The ear does become dry with medication but the perforation can begin to discharge any time in the future. The usual cold and cough that is often taken casually may cause the infection in the middle ear and when left untreated or incompletely treated, may cause build-up of pus and pressure in this area.
At the time of the surgery, the bones of hearing can also be inspected and hearing mechanism adequately repaired.
In many cases, we would advise the patients to follow a near normal life style from day 1 after surgery, albeit with an ear bandage.
The process that makes ear wax hash pretty much removes all plant parts from your cannabis and makes your concentrate a near pure concoction of cannabinoid chemicals derived straight from your favorite strain.
Wax made with nitrogen instead is a light lime green color & a more dangerous process not to be taken on lightly.
This process was exceedingly risky and many people have literally have the endeavours blow up in their faces.
Cannabis smoke contains more carcinogenic substances than tobacco smoke, but until now it seems that there is no significant increasing numbers of lung cancer or lung emphysema in the group of pure Cannabis smokers.General, u better do everything yourself, to be utterly sure on poisonous substances in the products you take.

If the wax is purged right, you dont see a spark and the wax leaves no residue on the nail. He or she can check the insides of the ears to figure out if the symptoms are caused by ear wax impaction or another problem, such as an ear infection.
They do not recommend treatments for removing ear wax in people who have no symptoms, even if their ears are impacted. In cases where the patient keeps getting repeatetd episodes of pain in the ear, it is, thus, advisable to order blood sugar tests. Even sudden changes of air pressure in flight can cause a pressure injury and subsequent pain in prone cases. However, when this mechanism fails, and the ar needs to be cleaned, it MUST be done by a doctor or a nurse trained to do so under clear vision. Repeated infections in the throat and the nose often travel to the ear through this highway.
This is a simple surgery that can be done on a day care basis and the patient can have a near normal life from day one, albeit, with a bandage which may be there for up to 7 days till stitches rae removed. The mastoid infections can erode the bone and cause potentially lethal infections involving the nerve of hearing, or of the face or even spread to the brain. The road-side cleaners and instilling oil in the ear are age old grannny recipes that are best avoided for the health of this delicate organ.
The drum being the only boundary holding it in, gets stretched and eventually ruptures, quite like a water balloon filled beyond its capacity.
I will be honest, I have close to no clue on the extraction process on this beautiful creation, but I found a video that can pretty much explain the basics of ear wax hash to someone who has never used it.
This is why earwax hash is no longer sold at dispensaries, because the harmful chemicals outweigh any medicinal value the thc may hbe had before being mixed with awful horrible butane.
The butane method became fashionable very late in the game when isopropyl alcohol became harder to purchase in large enough amount to do a cook with and more people were making small amounts for personal use instead of large volumes for commercial sale. Butane is best, because of it’s Low Boiling point (31 F) All you have to do is heat it and the butane will evaporate. When the fuid is accumulating behind an intact drum, it gradually builds up in intensity of pain and the degree of hearing loss. Some of these leaks may heal spontaneously while the rest may require operation to close the defect. In these cases, the bone repair ( Ossiculoplasty) can be done in the second stage after establishment of a safe, stable ear. It really packs a hell of a whallop and when you put it on top of your bud you can really have an intense experience almost like you are smoking for the first time again.
If untreated, the fluid also accumulates in the ear and may eventually rupture the ear drum and flow out of the ear. Soon, however, the limit of stretch having been crossed, the ear drum ruptures, discharging the pus into the external ear canal.
Mastoidectomy is the operation that cleans all the infection and attempts to reconstruct the hearing from the left-over ossicles.
There are labs that cater directly to the dispensaries for the purpose of checking for impurities in byproduct, dosages in edibles and thc% in buds.
Please do not try to pass yourself off a a professional when it would be a stretch to call yourself an amature. In several, however, after adequate control of infection, if the drum fails to heal, it may need to be repaired surgically.

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