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I am coming from limited headphone experience compared to most on Head-Fi, however I've had my fair share of listening to headphones over the years. I bought the Quiet Comfort 25's from Bose, last year and used them for about two months before selling them.
I saw these at TheSource (RadioShack for non-canucks) for 20$ when they were half price (thought now they're 40$) and decided to pick these up for when I play hockey so I'm obviously not going to wear anything 50$ or more. The reviews were pretty good but I learned not to trust these reviews when I bought some skullcandys. The package it came in sucked, it was just a carton box with no protection whatsoever so I was afraid it would be broken when I opened it.
Im not gonna lie, I wasnt expecting much sound quality for the price but these surpirised me quite a little. Look is not a problem whatsoever for me but I guess since people like SC's look is probably more important for other people than sound.
Acclaimed QuietComfort® headphones dramatically reduce noise and let you enjoy your music even more.

The cord were flimsy like on the Sony MDR EX 300 and the part where it connects to the driver had no protection whatsoever.
They are not going to fit everyone for a variety of reasons and it might be a BIG turn off for a lot of people although it works great FOR ME. It is designed to eliminate the problems faced by users of omni-directional microphones in a noisy environment. When aircraft power is detected, the headset automatically turns on and switches from battery power to aircraft power. I thought they would break pretty easily but as I only use them for hockey, I dont have to put them in my pocket much so they are still alive. And dont get me wrong, these dont even come to the Sony's but they are way better than the SkullCandy's for about the same price (shocking I know eh?
These looks really weird and I wont lie, the girls in my class hates it (sadly including my girlfriend) but I dont wear these at school since once again, I only use them for hockey. The earpiece is padded and covers the entire ear for comfort and additional ambient noise reduction.

Actually it comes with two, one of them being a double flange and the other one being a normal sized one. But for people who expect these to be a normal pair of throwaway headphones, they wont last you long. Mids and high are miles better than the SkullCandy's but they are no where near the sony's once again.
You can use your own tip and they almost all fit (I use my SC ones at least they arent completely useless). Second reason is because the drivers are HUGE, they are bigger than my Sonys which are known for having big ( but smartly placed) driver. Almost no need of burn in, took slightly more than half an hour so more like a break in to get the drivers moving.

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