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The soaring popularity of Dragon Ball Xenoverse can only be matched by its unhindered gameplay and its creative fighters that are based on the Dragon Ball media franchise. The game has had issues in its multiplayer online mode with many players unable to play the mode, following its launch on 24 February 2015 for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Here are some guides that will help players better their game by unlocking Mentor moves, challenges and more. The game of Dragon Ball Xenoverse will let players meet different mentors or masters during their travel across the game. There will be four challenges to every mentor but there will be new move each time players complete one challenge. At any given time, a player can have only one mentor, but one can switch current mentor in between the training period, provided that it is not yet completed. But it is always advisable that players complete training under all the mentors available in the game. As told earlier, every mentor will have four challenges that will become increasingly difficult as they move from one challenge to the other. But the movement from challenge one to challenge four won't happen unless they have filled the friendship meter. NOTE: Completing all four challenges will let your character receive your mentor's Z-Soul, which will increase the damage output of that mentor's specific moves.
Get Vegeta the Z-Soul equipment "I'm the Strongest on Earth!" This item can be received only by completing parallel quest #5: "Attack of the Saiyans".
As players enter the game, they will be having some of game's main fighters like Goku, Vegeta and Piccolo, but the villainous fighters in the game have to be unlocked by the player. However, the process to unlock the characters is easier and there are three ways to unlock them in the game's story mode, by completing the tasks and unlocking of the secret characters and the DLC, reported iDigitalTimes. In this mode, the fighter character that the player has chosen has to go through the storylines that have been set up in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Players who are able to complete certain Parallel Quests will be able to unlock the secret characters that are on normal circumstances unavailable. Unlock Bardock: Obtain five Time Shards, complete the Ultimate Super Saiyan story quests, then finish Parallel Quest #52. Unlock Broly: Obtain five Time Shards, finish Bardocks quest, and then complete parallel quest #53.
Unlock Gogeta: Summon Shenron (fight Time Patrollers to obtain Dragonballs) and then summon the dragon.
Fans who are pondering a way to grab all the seven Dragon Balls in the quickest ways leading to unlocking of the extra content in the game. Players will be able to summon Shenron once they have in their possession seven Dragon Balls.

Some members from the fan community have discovered one method that can be used to quicken the collection of the Dragon Balls, reported iDigitalTimes. After reaching level 10, players will have to start farming any one of the various Parallel Quests that are available. Going to the specifics, players will have to farm Parallel Quest #2, "Prepare for the Attack of Saiyans!" They will also have to complete this quest but in a way that is slightly different than what is asks you to do. In this mission, players will have to get into offensive and quickly eliminate Krillin, Tien and Yamcha. Players now need to challenge the Time Patroller seen materialising on the doorway to Kami's Lookout. According to Twinfinite, this method will allow players to make a new wish from Shenron in about an hour, provided players did not have any problems fighting with Time Patroller. In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, players would know that there are some items that are of the rarest kinds. There are many fighters in the game that can be unlocked by getting a rate item – Time Crystal Shards. If players want to unlock Broly and Bardock then they have to go in for the five Time Crystal Shards.
In order to complete Ultimate Finishing a Parallel Quest, there are requirements which in fact can be looked up in the kiosk for Parallel Quests.
Completion of the Parallel Quest will allow players to unlock secret characters, gears and abilities. NOTE: Certain Quests will not proc the Ultimate Finish possibility even if you complete the requirements.
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OnePlus 3 release date, features: Will OnePlus 2 successor turn out to be a 'flagship killer'? And every mentor has something new to teach the players that will eventually help them move ahead. Every time they load the game, they will see many mentors in the overworld map and they have to do some exploring if they want to find the one they want. Also the progress in such a situation will not be lost and hence players can alternate between the mentors of their liking. The individual slot will have four small circles on the left indicating the completion of the challenge and one bar on the right indicating the friendship meter. This is the most surefire way to gain access to the other challenges without having to do anything else.
It is only by the completion of certain parts of the story mode and reaching a certain level that will make them appear.

Players must note that they need to defeat all the Saibamen before they head towards Raditz and Nappa. To get this item they have to complete parallel quest #47 ("Super-Super Ultimate Series of Battles!"). It is only after the completion of a saga that they will have access to some of the locked characters. Their death will open a portal – a sky above Kami's Lookout but players must note, not to enter the portal, yet. Then, quickly eliminate him and with the requirement of ending the fight with a Super move.
Then find the portal the you had not entered and get into it to reach the final battle from the "Prepare for the Attack of Saiyans!" encounter.
Dying during the fight with Gohan and Piccolo will reset the entire encounter, wiping away the dragon ball you just earned, noted Gamer Fuzion.
One such item is the Dragon Balls that allows players with secret characters and other items. The completion of this saga will make available Broly and Bardock, when players check their character selection screen. The game has many Parallel Quests, almost 56 of them, that help players become stronger with special abilities and gears. It has also been noted that some Mentors will not allow their trainees to continue unless they have obtained a certain Z-Soul, which has been dropped during a Parallel Quest. Players will now see Kid Trunks standing in front of World Tournament area, they can accept the game from him. And check if you have received a notification that mentions about you receiving a new Material item and a new key item that has been added to the inventory. Defeating all the Sibamen will enable players to trigger a special event – that will again see Nappa and Raditz in action, this will allow Vegeta to recover. In case the players do not get this notification, they have to open the Pause Menu and Restart the fight. Now they can deafeate all the three and grab the equipment but make sure that you get Z-Soul, it not try again. They must get a pop up that reads, "You got Equipment," and in case they do not get this, they have to fight again until they get it.
Players can also find an existing lobby in the online parallel quest section in order to make this mission much easier.

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