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I want to be able to play music again but I'm in that amateur bracket that doesn't really have the resources to do it right. Many of us wouldn't even dare to get close to screaming crowds of people, car honking, the odd unexpected loud noise before the actual concert, etc., I mean music biz isn't quiet. Tiger, if you would of gotten a major record deal right now would you go on a tour to promote your album, given the best hearing protection and sound crew money could buy?
So I am just as boggled as Sambiz as to why there isn't a famous musician out there who came up with catastrophic auditory problems and had to give up everything. Sambiz, it might be that making music is something they have to do and they won't let tinnitus stand in the way of it. I still might try to be the first hyperacoustic rock star with severe tinnitus that doesn't allow him to play live.
I really don't understand why those of you that consider yourself at the high end of severity don't seem to think the mind has the power to overcome the challenge. He performed on Saturday Night Live with Tal Wilkenfeld, Vinny Colaiuta & Mick Jagger in May 2012 and announced a new album.
So I am just as boggled as Sambiz as to why there isn't a famous musician out there who came up with catastrophic auditory problems and had to give up everything.Pete Townshend cut down on his live performances significantly after his tinnitus started getting worse. U2 - Staring At The Sun - “…There’s an insect in your ear, if you scratch it won’t disappear, its gonna itch and burn and sting, you wanna see what the scratching brings…waves that leave me out of reach, breaking on your back like a beach, will we ever live in peace? It's no surprise that Jeff Beck suffers from tinnitus - the last time I saw him it was easily the loudest show I've ever been to.
A study carried out by the Spanish Organization of Consumers and Users, OCU, performed measurements of the noise levels in 10 elementary schools in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain.

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I remember Chris Martin saying that his tinnitus hasn't gotten worse since he began to protect his ears.
I couldn't imagine anyone with real serious tinnitus issues just putting up with more damage just for the money. I'll just record and master my own music at 65db or lower and put it all on the internet and get famous without playing a show. Those pro musicians who still play, some might go down a more acoustic route, those that soldier on - I dont think those Marshall stacks behind them all have speakers in them! The results showed noise levels outside the buildings varying between 53 and 76 dB during classes. The only condition is that you provide a direct link to the specific article you use on the page where you quote us.
If ear protection weren't enough to prevent tinnitus from worsening, I think a lot more musicians would be ceasing to tour and record. I like many here could no way handle letting my tinnitus get to severe, though it feels like that sometimes. They will be taking measures for sure.Its simply not possible for someone with hyperacusis to tolerate loud sounds such as a gig without protection, whether that means having protection or covering their ears . Is this, or better yet, should this be the case with hearing loss and choosing the right hearing device for your hearing and communication needs?

I am equally impressed by the close involvement and success that teachers create when they help those with hearing loss. Inside the classrooms, seven out of ten schools exceeded the standard permissible noise level of 40 dB established by Spanish regulations. Neil Young (by a long measure)LoopThe Deep Purple show I saw was the "reunion" thing in the early to mid 80s.
Considering the limit recommended by the World Health Organization, WHO, 35 dB at school, nine out of ten schools fail to meet the recommended levels.Difficulty understandingA Chilean study found even worse conditions in Chile. Pedro Matamal, Head of the Otolaryngology Department, and engineers from Santiago University investigated noise levels in nine schools in Santiago de Chile. In about 1990, which was when I got it, my drummer was using these giant cymbals, which crash into each other.
Forty percent of the students said they had difficulty understanding what the teacher said due to the noise.
I was going through misery with the tinnitus, I was thinking I was gonna die, and I couldn’t deal with it. As a rule of thumb, maximum noise levels of 45 dB is recommended outside buildings at night and 55 dB during the daytime.
Matt hit one bass drum and it was like forty million watts going through me, and I had to walk away.

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