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Guns are actually the worst: they hurt more than needles because they use pressure and force rather than sharpness to make their way through the skin and flesh, they can cause weird staining and damage to body tissues, the jewelry used with them is subpar in several ways, and as the entire gun cannot be properly sterilized, gun piercings are more prone to infection. Standard first-aid practices like cleaning with rubbing alcohol, applying anti-bacterial ointment, and covering up the area with a bandage are good for piercings. This really depends on what piercings you’re getting and how sure you are about your future piercing plans.
With most piercings, however, spacing them out is a good idea financially as well as psychologically. Heina Dadabhoy [hee-na dad-uh-boy] spent her childhood as a practicing Muslim who never in her right mind would have believed that she would grow up to be an atheist feminist secular humanist, or, in other words, a Skepchick.
Another advantage with going to a professional piercer and not a gun-hack is that they pay much more attention to placement and the angle. It’s not horribly bad if you only get your earlobes pierced with a gun, just moderately bad. My initial thought (before seeing the incredibly ham-handed actual billboard) was that the message might be targeted at taxpayers. The Skepchick Network is a collection of smart and often sarcastic blogs focused on science and critical thinking. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Apprehensive of actual piercing parlors, I got it done with a gun at an Indian beauty parlor where the aftercare instructions mimicked the sort doled out by most mall employees post ear-piercing. I followed her advice — and dealt with infections on and off for about a year following my piercing.
She has been an active participant in atheist organizations and events in and around Orange County, CA since 2007. I had my first 5 or so piercings with a gun, then had the rest with a needle (what can I say, I’m a slow learner). My first concern is that I want her to make this decision herself, and my second is that I don’t want her anywhere near one of those piercing guns.
If you'd like, you can help us cover the added costs that keep the entire Skepchick Network running smoothly. The original site is, founded by Rebecca Watson in 2005 to discuss women’s issues from a skeptical standpoint.
And while the traditional earlobe piercing has been around for ages, it seems like nontraditional ear piercing locations have been skyrocketing in popularity over the past few years.
I later was to find that most of the standard aftercare advice given by mall kiosks and beauty parlors is wrong.

Similarly, nipple piercings often make wearing a bra painfully difficult or even impossible; getting one before the other just means having to go without a bra for two separate spans of time instead of one.
Not getting them all at once meant that I could get pierced every once in a while over the course of years without ending up looking completely unemployable in most industries. We’re going to take a look at some of the coolest, most modern and totally DIFFERENT ear piercing types- all of which will leave you with a totally ravishing yet still dainty and feminine appearance.1. My piercing got infected several times, took forever to heal, and discolored the skin around my nose stud. A professional piercer will sterilise all the equipment, use gloves and other protective equipment, and properly sterilise the area. Thanks to my go-to spot, Barbella Studios, I’ve had nine gun- and infection-free piercings and learned exactly what had gone wrong before.
In fact, the earlobe piecing could easily be referred to as the foundation of all ear piercings. IndustrialIndustrial piercings used to be total shockers- the ‘out of the box’ piercing everyone was afraid to get.
Also referred to as a scaffold piercing, the industrial piercing can be most easily described as a double piercing bound by one bar: yes, that means two holes on two opposite ends of your ear.
This particular piercing has a rather long healing time of up to a year, but come on- how seriously rockin’ does this piercing look?! We love it, and we love how many bar designs are on the market, from a simple silver arrow bar like this one to the most extravagant masterpieces with chains and charms dangling every which way.3.
OrbitalHere’s another great ear piercing that is designed to have two separate holes utilize the same piece of jewelry. An orbital differs from an industrial in the placement of the holes: they are much close together, thus making it the ideal placement for a smaller piece of jewelry like this simple hoop.
Orbitals can be placed just about anywhere on the ear, but we especially adore this upper cartilage placement. And no, don’t be frightened: this piercing isn’t pronounced as ‘death’ and won’t make you feel like you’re dying, either. Located just above the ear canal, this inner cartilage piercing requires a special type of needle thanks to its difficult location. But even though it may be a pest to pierce, we can’t dismiss how totally awesome the result looks- unbelievably swank and trendy! Mix and match with tons of different jewelry pieces to get the look you want, like this lovely moon-shaped piece!5. This shallow piercing is definitely on the quirky yet chic side of style and has a healing time of up to 16 weeks.

Unless of course you’re going for the absolute full effect, in which case you could end up with up to 30 holes in the side of your ear. Helix piercings go up the entire length of the outer ear, and you can really have as many holes as you want. The cool thing about this piercing is you can mix and match with tons of cute jewelry pieces!7. Just think about it: I’m sure one of your friends- if not two or three- are already sporting this style. The triple studs are nothing short of dazzling and downright chic, with the perfect dash of flirty attitude to tie it together perfectly. Seriously, if you’re in the mood for a gorgeous triple-threat ear piercing, consider this one!9. But come on, that set of diamonds on her inner ear is just too modernistic and swank to pass up. Inner ConchThink of the inner conch piercing as the adorable little jewel nestled tightly in your ear- and yes, it IS as cute as it sounds. The large space makes an ideal canvas to paint your prettiest pictures- or, of course, dazzle and shine with plenty of jewels. Keep it simple and stylish with a single outer conch piercing, or make a statement with several different jewels in all different colors and shapes. This truly is a remarkable location for a piercing and the options are practically limitless. Aside from being adorable in every sense of the word, tragus piercings are also one of THEE most popular piercings in the female community, and we can see why!
We’re madly in love with this cute little star, but you could literally put any piece of jewelry in this spot and it would look lovely.
If you don’t want to go overboard with your next piercing and just want to keep things cute and simple, we highly recommend the tragus!Have you made an appointment with your piercer yet? I know I’m tempted after seeing this list of adorable ear piercings!What’s your favorite ear piercing?

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