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Jewellery Making as a CareerIf you love jewellery you have probably had ideas of what would make some great pieces, but that's where it's ended, or maybe you're already a competent jewellery maker but you need some help with the design process, how to market your business or start a career.This comprehensive Jewellery Making Course will teach you everything that you need to know in order to set up your own Jewellery Making business.
All course delegates are welcome to attend our regular, ongoing learning and inspirational events.
All of the online course materials are emailed over to you as e-documents, if you would prefer a hard copy of the course materials to be posted out to you please select this when checking out. The course covers 10 modules, which will teach you all the essentials you need to know - from what equipment to use and tips and techniques to how to make stunning pieces from things you find around the house. Your voucher code will be sent 24 hours after purchase, along with the website link to redeem from. No physical materials provided.Once redeemed, you will have access to the course materials for 3 months. This course is for learning purposes only and does not include any qualifications or certifications.

Join today to get exclusive half price gift vouchers at your favourite highstreet retailer. We also hold regular inspirational events in Manchester and London for all students studying any of our courses. You follow the course online at your own pace, so it’s easy to fit in around other commitments. Once your voucher has been redeemed, please allow 3 working days to receive your course materials. It can even turn into a fulltime career, and this course will aid your journey and answer all your questions along the way.Frequently Asked QuestionsThe Jewellery Making Course will take you up to 150 hours to complete working from home. The events are a great way to watch live demonstrations of different techniques, learn new skills, have a practice with other students and to meet your tutors. As well as being a chance for you to learn something new and explore your creative side, you might even decide to go into business creating jewellery, so this course could be the stepping stone towards a new career doing something you love.

There is no time limit for completing this course, it can be studied in your own time at your own pace. Once you've signed up for any of our courses you will receive details of our different monthly events via email.
If you cannot attend our events you can watch a live streaming of the event on our tv channel. The IANLPC is a global support network for NLP Professionals and coaches, including the fields of Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy Business Coaching, Leadership, Nutritional, CBT, Personal Development and Holistic Therapy.

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