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You are welcome to come and make your own piece of jewellery anytime in the studio if you know what you are doing or if you need just a little help. One to one jewellery making tuition can be arranged if you are interested in making pieces to sell. Jewellery is also one of the options for our children’s parties and we are always happy to open the studio any evening if you would like to organise a night of jewellery making for you and your friends. Making jewellery is great fun, but we appreciate that sometimes it’s nice to have a piece made for you. If you fancy making your own beads, we can show you how to make beads out of clay, FIMO, shrink plastic and other materials.
On this Workshop you will learn the foundation techniques necessary for making necklaces, bracelets, earrings, handbag charms and phone charms.

Suitable for students who are complete Beginners or those with a little experience who wish to improve their technique and achieve a more professional finish. Private Tuition is ideal for students who are unable to attend a group Workshop and incorporates the techniques and information as described above under Jewellery Making for Beginners or Intermediate Jewellery Making.
You will find a wide range of beads suitable for adults and children, together with tools, bead boards, wire, chain and a myriad of other jewellery supplies.
Equally with all our beads, much enjoyment can be had simply stringing colourful beads on elastic – something anyone can do. If you get a group together who would like to do this, then give us a call to arrange a date. We have a stock of fabulous jewellery to choose from, all made locally in West Lothian, or you can have pieces made to order.

Some of these can be made on a drop in basis, while others are available as part of a workshop.
Students will learn how to expand on their design ideas and create Jewellery that has a truly professional finish. If there is something you would like to see that we do not have in stock, please ask and we will try to source it for you. The price of these workshops is dependent upon what you would like to make but is usually around A?15 a head.

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