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It is fascinating to watch a pattern unfold as you are rolling the strip of paper into a bead – I think this is what makes this craft so appealing to those who are looking for a hobby and those who actually make a living out of making paper beads.  It is not just for kids anymore, the many things you can do with paper beads – the possibilities are endless!  We hope to walk you through the process of making them yourself! You don’t need the roller to make other sizes, it just makes it easy on the hands with the bamboo handle and the metal part is coated.
Colored paper Scissors [recommended scissors] Glue Once you have gathered your materials, let's get started.(Need help? For paper beads, you can use whatever scraps of paper are available, or go with a patterned scrapbook paper.
For example, vacation or baby shower bracelets.Keep in mind what the pattern will look like after it has been cut into long, triangular strips. If you don't have any scrapbook paper around, or wish to create your own original designs, try stamping paper. This is ideal for stamped beads.To make a cocoon-shaped bead, cut the angles unevenly, making one side a sharp angle, and the other more of a straight line.

Paper beads have larger holes than most beads; spacer beads would be good between paper beads. Mix paper beads with other inexpensive beads such as seed beads, druk beads and fire polished beads. For stringing materials the following can be used; hemp, cotton thread, silk thread, leather or any type of yarn that will go through the hole. I am fascinated by bright colors and happy patterns and play a lot with them in my designs. Similarly, gluing paper beads is a great way to easily incorporate paper crafting into your jewelry repertoire. My grandma used to tell me that anything that is preserved and unused will find a use in twelve years. Use a light-weight paper that is much like the thickness of printer paper.Scrapbook paper is ideal for paper beads because it is often sold in themed packs of sheets that coordinate with each other.

If you want to lace your beads onto yarn, it's better to use something thicker like a chopstick so the hole in your bead will be big enough to thread onto the yarn. Use a sliver of masking tape to hold it in place while the glue dries, or use a clothespin.After you have made your beads, you can use paints or acrylics to decorate them or just make them more durable. This makes for easy bead selections when creating your new jewelry, and you can even make themed pieces.

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