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India has what it takes to be a competitive jewellery manufacturing centre: a skilled work force, comparatively low wages and a government that supports this industry. To date, India is ranked the fourth largest silver fabrication country in the world behind Thailand, China and Italy, the survey revealed, climbing from sixth place.
GFMS estimated that stock building of finished products by the trade accounted for at least 25 percent of total jewellery fabrication last year, reaching a total of 4 Moz. Established in 1988, ACPL Exports Pvt Ltd is among the largest manufacturers in India, producing both machine-made and handmade silver jewellery. Increasingly catering to the international market, Indian jewellery manufacturers like Karma Enterprise are adopting more modern and contemporary jewellery designs.
Owner of Karma Enterprises, Vivek Shah, shared that the company is developing more fashionable, European style jewellery featuring diamonds and coloured gemstones, as well as rhodium-, rose gold- and yellow gold-platings. The company’s pieces are exported largely to Europe, specifically to the UK, Spain, France, Sweden, Switzerland and Greece.
Silvex & Co (India) Pvt Ltd, another major jewellery manufacturer and exporter in India, is likewise delving into more contemporary jewellery.
The company has an entire line of ethnic yet fashionable jewellery, most of which adorned with various kinds of semiprecious gemstones.
Silvex’s jewellery pieces are manufactured in its modernised production facilities in Jaipur, where it employs some 800 skilled artisans. To serve the international clientele and in catering to various tastes, Derewala offers both ethnic and modern designs using non-traditional materials. Exporting 100 percent of its silver jewellery, the US and Europe are Derewala’s major markets. To stay ahead of the competition, Amrapali, a Jaipur-based jewellery manufacturer, worked towards improving the quality of its pieces and widening the variety of its designs. Amrapali offers traditional and contemporary jewellery, targeting both the mature and young clientele. Taraash, its consumer brand that blends traditional Indian styles with international fashion trends, was launched some four years ago. Given the volatile metal prices as well as the relatively weak markets, the GFMS through its latest World Silver Survey, reveals last year’s jewellery consumption trends.

Over the last few years, we have witnessed jewellery manufacturing centres increase their focus on silver jewellery because of growing market demand. The trade has attributed the growth of the silver jewellery market to the global economic downturn.
J&T Jewellery Co Ltd, a silver jewellery manufacturer in Hong Kong, said that the demand for silver jewellery in Australia has grown remarkably in the last two years. Gina Kougias, founder of Australian silver jewellery brand Georgini, views silver as trendy and elegant but reasonably-priced. Ms Hui of J&T agreed that silver jewellery items with classic designs are very popular in Australia.
Mr Symons, owner of Osjag, pointed out that simple bead and charm bracelets are also popular there. Mr Symons added that German brands Breuning and Bastian have also made it big in Australia. Meanwhile, Mr Symons decided to bring in the disregart high-quality silver line by Breuning because he noticed the lack of high-end silver jewellery brands in the market. Council of India (GJEPC) recently launched its first Mines to Market event for coloured gems.
Today, the country is considered as one of the world’s key jewellery manufacturing centres and is being recognised for its efforts to adapt to the demands of the international market while also preserving the ethnicity of its designs.
Local companies interviewed by Silver Styles confirmed that they have been ramping up silver jewellery production this year as business started showing signs of recovery.
All these pieces are produced at its manufacturing facilities located in Nunhai, Agra, which employ some 3,000 workers. Mr Shah believes that such European-style jewellery is also appealing in Scandinavia and South Africa – markets the company intends to further explore.
Most of its silver jewellery are combined with other metals and matched with wood, glass, and colourful enamel, and adorned with coloured gemstones.
Traders say that in this scene, it is the young people who are most attracted to silver jewellery. In Australia, a number of traditional gold jewellery retailers have started to sell silver jewellery to cater to the changing preferences and needs of their customers.

Nowadays, Australia has become one as well, accounting for 20 to 30 percent of its total exports. She believes these are precisely the reasons silver jewellery is very popular in the country.
Ms Kougias of Georgini named Pandora and Thomas Sabo as among those that have gained popularity there. Introduced to the Australian market a year ago, Bastian is currently available in more than 50 retail stores. The company started to distribute Breuning in 1997 and today, the brand is available in Sydney and Melbourne. We are convinced that this is a good year for business,” he explained, adding that this growth can be attributed to enhanced product offerings and shorter delivery time. Silvex deals mostly with OEM, which accounts for 40 percent of its business, while ODM and OBM each take up 30 percent. Most of Amrapali’s pieces are exported to Hong Kong, the US, the UK, Europe, Mexico and Brazil, among others. Some clients, who used to sell gold jewellery shifted to silver jewellery or added silver jewellery items to their gold jewellery line,” said Joyce Hui, marketing manager of the company. Currently, the brand sells its products in over 300 jewellery stores in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, positioning itself as a middle- to-high-end brand. We are paying more attention to this market because of its relatively stable demand and its flexibility in terms of prices,” Ms Hui added. However, we made a change since more consumers favoured silver jewellery over gold during the global financial crisis and as the price of gold continued to rise.

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