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Hopping on the 10.25am Eurostar to Paris, the Duchess of Cornwall was off on her first solo engagement abroad yesterday.
But it won praise from British Ambassador Sir Peter Ricketts, who later presented her with a rather down-to-earth gift a€“ a ten euro lookalike of her A?4,000 gold antique Cartier watch from one of the charitya€™s shops. With minimum fuss she made her way to her seat, surprising some of her fellow travellers.Among those apparently a little perplexed was the man she would be sitting next to, Scott Alvey, a representative of Camillaa€™s charity for homeless people, Emmaus UK, on whose behalf she was travelling.
It didna€™t seem out of hand to me at the time, particularly as I was going out with friend having dinner or enjoying a few pints down the pub. The Duchess, 65, spoke of her terror at having to give a speech in French at her destination.

I didna€™t realise how excessive my alcohol consumption had become until I failed a breath test at work. What is so remarkable about the organisation is that it doesna€™t judge, there is no prejudice.
My brother was offered the same chances and took them, but I decided I knew better.a€™His father was a carpenter, not a wealthy man but one who regularly worked 14-hour days a€“ including weekends a€“ to give his two sons the education and opportunities in life that he never had. And that was the beginning of the end, really.a€?Before I knew it I was hooked on heroin and the next ten years of my life were just about stealing to feed my habit - not that I was any good at it. Ia€™d go to jail, Ia€™d get clean, Ia€™d come out, Ia€™d go home, my mum would forgive me, set me up with clothes and food a€“ then I would just throw it in her face. Ia€™d meet with my old friends and slippery slide back to jail would begin again.a€?Sometimes it took less than two months for me to end up back in jail.

You have to want it for yourself, ita€™s not enough to know that you are doing it for someone else. She gave me so many chances, even after my dad died of Motor Neurone Disease, and I just threw them all back in her face.a€?But we spoke for the first time in over three years at Christmas and it was lovely.
She knows I have been chosen to go to Paris with the Duchess of Cornwall and I think it means a lot to her.a€?Although I eventually want to stand on my own two feet, I want to stay with Emmaus for a while longer to try and pay back what they have given me a€“ a life.

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