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18 carat gold jewellery is made up of 750 parts pure gold out of 1000 parts, the remaining 250 parts being made up of other metals, mainly copper and silver. 18 carat gold is practically completely resistant to chemical attack in normal use, whereas 9 carat gold is much less resistant.
Palladium is one of the platinum group metals but is considered a precious metal in its own right. We may be in the middle of a credit crunch, but the gold jewellery market is buoyant with gold a better investement than ever. As the value of currencies fluctuates, more and more people are putting their money into gold. Pearls have been valued for their beauty and rarity from ancient times, with texts from as far back as over 2000 BC detailing their use in China as gifts to and from Royalty. Having said this, there are still varying qualities of pearl even in the cultured pearl market. The two main grading systems are called the AAA-A system (usually used by sellers) and the A-D system (usually used by producers). Nacre is the outer surface of the pearl and the thickness of this nacre determines how durable a pearl is.
Gold is increasingly seen as a good investment because the value has gone up over recent years, so your unwanted jewellery might be worth more than you think. The images below will take you to each of Grant's current online Kintyre Jewellery Collections. You may also like to view the main Grant Logan website which features a wider selection of Grant's designer gold jewellery.
If you would like to find out more about the day to day life of this master goldsmith or about the ingredients Grant uses to fashion your jewellery, please browse through the pages of his Scottish Jewellery Designer website. The gold inlay has a protective coating so will not wear away with time.  This ring is build to last!
The ring is made from stainless steel meaning it is allergy free.  If you get problems with plated jewellery this ring is ideal for you. The stainless steel is highly polished so will help it stand out from the gold colouring of the patterned inlay.
9 carat gold jewellery is made up of 375 parts pure gold out of 1000 parts, the remaining 625 parts is made up of other metals such as silver, nickel, palladium and zinc. Be aware that 9 carat gold will tarnish, go dull, bleach some fabrics and sometimes turn black from chemicals in the atmosphere, perspiration and household cleaners. Our 750jewellery 18 carat gold items are nickel safe and our policy is to use only ’white gold’ alloys containing palladium.

You may know that pearls are formed when a foreign object is inserted into the pearl, for example a bead. It has a special status as a sort of universal currency – valued the world over, gold is a steady investment and unlike numbers in a bank account, you always know where your money is!
When explorers first found America, the native population used pearls in their jewellery and as items of trade. Natural pearls are actually still very rare and expensive – even more so than ever before in fact. Some have very thin layers of nacre (the shiny surface) and are of a lower quality than pearls with a thick nacre layer. This means that it can be difficult for buyers to understand exactly what quality of pearl they’re getting.
The highest quality pearls (AAA and A respectively) have the least flaws and the highest lustre, whereas the lowest quality (A and D respectively) have the most flaws and the lowest lustre. According to Wikipedia, in 1987 champion tennis player Chris Evert was wearing a thin, diamond bracelet made by famous jeweller George Bedewi.
We’ve got our own special diamond tennis bracelet letting you save almost ?1000 on the RRP. Whether you have a ring you never wear or a necklace that’s become tangled and broken, you can exchange it for money quickly and easily. The price we pay depends on the gold content, the weight of the item, and the price of gold on the day we receive it. At the same time, the price of gold fluctuates day to day, but we do publish a to the sort of price you can expect. That is why sometimes some people have an allergic reaction to wearing 9 carat gold, leaving black or green marks on the skin.
You may prefer your jewellery in a classic design with round or teardrop shaped white pearls, or you may prefer a necklace made of irregular and multi-coloured pearls.
The Romans valued them so highly that they tried to ensure only the very highest echelons of society were allowed to wear them.
Pearls grew in nature and had to be found by divers or fishermen, and even if you found a mollusc that produced a pearl, the pearl wasn’t necessarily round or smooth.
Over-fishing and pollution have wiped out much of the mollusc population so places where pearls used to be found don’t produce them any more.
We only source the best cultured pearls from reputable suppliers – the better quality the pearl the longer it will last if you take care of it, so the better the investment.
When it comes to pearl jewellery there are a lot of different considerations including the size and the matching of all the pearls that make up the piece (for example a necklace).

During the match the braclet snapped, and play was halted so that Evert could find the diamonds. At RING jewellers we take your actual finger prints & actually scan them into the laser engraver so the final engraving (no matter how big or small) is your actual print scaled up or down to fit the jewellery. This is a chemical reaction to the metal alloys, not the gold, usually the nickel in 9 carat gold reacting with the skin.
It is less dense than platinum, being nearly half the weight, so larger necklaces and bracelets can be made, capable of bearing larger gemstones with minimal gain in overall weight. With the advent of cultured pearls however, freshwater pearls have found a new lease of life. In freshwater pearls instead of a bead, a small piece of tissue is inserted instead and the nacre grows around this.
The choice is endless and because there are so many different varieties of pearls, you’re sure to find something you like. It seems that almost everywhere in the world where pearls were discovered, they were valued as gemstones and items of worth. Nickel is the most common cause of dermatitis through allergic reactions when in contact with the skin.
For the same reason, palladium is considered to be a good choice for earrings although unlike platinum it is not hypoallergenic. Their odd shapes and colours are increasingly popular because jewellery design allows for more variety than ever before. The sheer time and effort that gathering pearls took meant that only people of status could afford them.
Not quite man-made, these come from molluscs that are specially bred, and the process of pearl formation is physically triggered by people. However, sellers do have systems for grading the flaws, lustre and nacre – the three most important aspects of a pearl. It is often recommended as a good alternative to 9Kt white gold for male bridal consumers due to it never needing re-plating. The supply is therefore predictable and steady, and the pearls that are produced have a uniform colour and size so it’s a lot easier to match them for jewellery.

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