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Featuring three compartments designed for watches and other items that need to be laid flat. Although this tray is designed for rings and bracelets, i have used the earring area for my stud earrings as well, it work really well. Jewellery display trays wooden jewelry tray necklace tray, View necklace tray, ecolorpack Product Details from Guangzhou E Color Packing Co., Ltd.
My dresser is always full of clutter; bits of make up and jewellery and small change and other nonsense so when I saw this little beauty for the bargain price of 99p in our local charity shop I snapped it up.
First things first, I masked off the egdes of the tray and spray painted the whole thing gold.

Once the paint was dry I chose a a few of my favourite Washi Tapes and started to lay out my design. It's easy to re-position the Washi Tape so if you aren't happy with your final design you can peel the tape off and start again. If you're doing a similar project you can add a layer of Mod Podge or varnish at the end to make the design permanent. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. The front area of the tray is rolled foam pads ideal for storing your rings and stud earrings.The beauty of these stacking jewellery boxes is that you decide which trays meet your needs.

There is a Quality assurance card inside the packaging carton, you can find some information and service hotline from the card.

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