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This entry was tagged Beijing Pedestrian Street, Guangzhou Cosmetics Wholesale Market, Guangzhou Dried Seafood Market, Guangzhou Jewelry Wholesale Market, Guangzhou Taikang Road, Haizhu Square, Jiefang Road Shoes Wholesale Market, Taikang Plaza, Taikang Plaza Jewelry Market, Yangzhong Accessories Wholesale Market. Would you help in finding a wholesale market of ladies costume jewelry market in Beijing where the shopper is given a bicycle to travel around and shop.
Guangzhou Xijiao Plaza, a wholesale jewelry market enjoying convenient geographical location adjacent to Guangzhou Railway Station and Guangdong Provincial Couch Station, has gained rocketed developments and prestigious fame since its establish in the year of 2000. This entry was tagged China Import and Export Fair, Guangzhou Jewelry Wholesale Market, Guangzhou Railway Station, Guangzhou Xijiao Plaza, Taikang Jewellery Wholesale Market, Xijiao Building Jewellery Wholesale Market, Xijiao Jewelry Market, Xijiao Jewelry Wholesale Market, Zhanqian Road.
Be kindly Reply by suppling information about silver suppliers in GuangZhou or just call me back.
Enter these narrow lanes of old Bangalore to find the best bargains and come out with laden bags and not-so-empty wallets. Most old time Bangaloreans will vouch that shopping in the noisy, congested lanes of Chickpete and Balepete is a unique experience and more importantly, easy on the wallet. From Aug 2013, published with support from Oorvani Foundation, a champion of public-funded media for the new India.
111 Taikang Road, enjoys convenient transportation with Beijing Pedestrian Street in the north, Huilong Road in the west and is adjacent to metro line 2 Haizhu square.
Xijiao wholesale jewellery market proudly boasts an extensive range of fashion accessories and a large scale of marketing area, which has attracted jewellery manufactures, wholesalers, etc. We are planing the trip to China, before we need make a list the place we need visit as we interesting in silver suppliers.
Bangalore Pete (city), built in 1537 AD during Kempegowda reign, is now a thriving wholesale market. Yes there are also branded apparels (I spotted a Raymonds store in my last visit) here with prices lesser than retail shops. Taikang Plaza is a bustling business center, attracting a great flow of visitors everyday with lots of stores, hotels, wholesale markets, etc. Huaxia hotel, Guangzhou hotel in the neighborhood offer convenient accommodation after a hectic day visiting the nearby markets covering Haiyin Binfen Plaza, Yiyuan Accessories Market, Beijing Pedestrian Street, Taikang Building Material Market, Onelink Toys&Gifts Plaza, Guangzhou Dried Seafood Market, Jiefang Road Shoes Wholesale Market, etc.

2 Zhanqian Road, adjacent to Liuhua Lake and is only about 100 meters from China Import and Export Fair Liuhua Exhibition Center. The other occasions are weddings, family functions and any other occasion when one would have to purchase in bulk or buy a whole range of products.
View Larger MapIf you have a look of the Pete area on Google map, it’s almost an oval shaped area bordered by Goodshed road on one end and Corporation circle on the other.
Xijiao Plaza is the largest fashion accessories wholesale market in Guangzhou, and it is divided into two buildings: Building A and Building B. The area is bisected by Avenue Road, a busy one-way street that starts from Mysore Bank Circle and reaches City Market. It proudly houses Taikang Plaza Jewelry Market(also known as Yangzhong Accessories Wholesale Market), Xingyun Building Seafood Restaurant, Changtai Chess Entertainment Center, etc.
Xijiao jewellery market covers diverse species of fashion accessories, including hairpin, necklace, bracelet, pendant, ring, earrings, scarves, hats, mobile phone accessories, etc. On the north it is bordered by Kempe Gowda Road and Majestic bus-stand and in the south by Mysore Road.
The entire area with its multiple one-way streets can be a maze for first timers, hence it is safest to take an auto-rickshaw and get off at Abhinay Theatre on BVK Iyengar Road. Its products cover diverse species including jewellery, headgear, boutonniere, belts, necklace, bracelet, hats, leggings, phone accessories, etc.
When compared with Taikang jewellery wholesale market, the products at Xijiao jewellery wholesale market are of much better quality and the price usually ranges from several yuan to several hundred yuan, depending on the quality. Its products are dispatched to more than 30 provinces, Macau, Hongkong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, East Europe, Middle East, etc.
Shops on either side display colourful sarees - silk and otherwise, dress materials and dhotis at prices that are atleast 20-30 percent cheaper than the local retailer.
Each day it draws about 10,000 visitors and each year the deals reach more than 100 million yuan. Before you plunge into a shopping frenzy, be warned that almost every shop has a ‘Fixed Rate and No Return’ policy.

Most of the products at Taikang Plaza Jewelry Market are of middle or low quality at cheap price. As we sit on the soft cotton mattress spread out in this tiny shop, an expert salesman displays dress materials of every range. When I chide him about the effortless nature with which he mentions the prices of each of the thousands of products, he shrugs saying that he has over 10 years of selling experience.
He goes on to mention that the shop itself has been around for 50 years, which is apparently new by the area’s standards.
Many of the buildings here, even though dilapidated, are architectural reminders of the old Mysorean era. Rukmini Hall, Byrappa & Sons, Kuberan’s Silk etc top the list of places to visit when there is a marriage in the family. Chances are that you might enter an area that might once have been someone’s backyard; now a set of small shops and a fruit stall might greet you. Srinivas, the proprietor of a small sandalwood shop explains that these were once part of huge bungalows divided among brothers, yielding each a share equivalent to a one BHK apartment. He tells with pride that his house is around a century old and points to the leaky thatched roof as proof.
As we step out, a scooter laden with wholesale goods, rushes through, giving us a warning hoot to make way.
A middle-class equivalent to 'Metro Cash and Carry'- spread out in a huge area, with a huge range and rock bottom prices.

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