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Share Event DescriptionStudents will learn the basics of creating earrings, bracelets and necklaces for men, children and women.
You provide Clasp, thread, needles & basic pliers ( available for purchase in our store). Bead Kits are great for gifts, parties, group gatherings – introduce your friends and family to jewelry making, bead weaving or working with seed beads ! Pattern wire has a special draw to it, something that we as wire jewelers just can’t resist.
Janet Cozzens created this Steel Wire Cuff Bracelet for a climbing friend of her husband’s. He wears a sterling silver bracelet now, and he wanted just a simple bracelet made from the steel wire. I am obsessive compulsive, and wouldn’t let it rest until I felt it was perfectly symmetrical! I was happy with the end result and I plan to make a few more of them tonight for a show that I am doing tomorrow. Valorie recommended using gloves and protective eyewear while cutting the steel pattern wire. Katherine Schilling made 3 pieces of jewelry with her steel pattern wire, ranging from a simple ring made just of pattern wire, to a beautiful bracelet with gemstones and beads.
Heather Campbell took a traditional approach to the pattern wire, creating two beautiful wire bangles. Donna Arena made two collars from steel pattern wire, drilling through the wire to attach jump rings which connect drops and chain.
I definitely made a departure from what I usually do and even incorporated my hubby’s help with some facets of the creation of these pieces.
Bend and shape pattern wire to semi-circle shape, being careful to rotate sides while bending, because you will favor your dominant-hand side while shaping and the shape will distort.

Choose what type of design you want to incorporate into the front jump rings and with this phase you can use such a large variety of findings, links, beads, stones, the possibilities are virtually unlimited. Please note, the act of sending in pictures does not guarantee payment; pictures must be clear, show the steel pattern wire in the project, and be accepted by the Editor. We’re delighted to have persuaded Gulai to create a private, small jewelry making course for MWC members where she can give guidance but also – just as important ! This is a rewarding opportunity to shake off some winter cabin fever and release that inner bubble of creativity where you make something that has your own unique stamp and point of view – and you get to wear your art !
Joining the Manhattan Women’s ClubIf you would like to be a part of the Manhattan Women's Club the first step is to click on the "About" tab on the menu at the top of this page to read about who and what we're about. Make Extraordinary Jewelry from Ordinary ObjectsThis tutorial contains several tutorials that utilize hardware to make amazing jewelry.
We notice that you are using Internet Explorer version 9 or older which no longer supports Craftsy. Materials needed are beading wire and thread, big eye needles, earring hooks, your preferred clasps or closures for necklaces and bracelets, beading plier kit, and an organizer for beads.Students may choose whatever beads, shells or stones they would like to purchase from any specialty arts and crafts store or use vintage pieces that may have been in the family or found at thrift shops, etc.
And while the wire is beautiful, it’s proven a bit more challenging to work with than its gold and silver counterparts. An original design, Valorie cut lengths of steel pattern wire with a Dremel and then wrapped each piece in a wire frame, then hung the 7 lengths on chain to create an elegant collar necklace. She adds, “When cutting the wire with any machine the wire will get hot after a while. Namely drilling through the patterned steel wire and grinding or rounding and smoothing the ends. We will send you a $5 gift certificate for every project you’ve made with steel pattern wire and sent in a photo of. For the best experience we suggest upgrading your browser to the latest version, or optionally downloading Google Chrome or Firefox.

So we asked the people who’d already used the steel pattern wire, what they made with it.
The steel is incredibly hard, making it utterly impossible to use my bracelet mandrel with my rawhide mallet. At this point if you wish to add a patina or to buff up the patterned wire, this is where you use a buffer pad and jeweler’s rouge, or if adding the patina to buff up the high points. On one piece I used silver drops (you can use connectors also), and made headpin drops with crystals and paired two elements per each jump ring and corresponding drilled hole. I teach you how to properly open jump rings and beginner wire-wrapping as part of the projects.The book is 46 pages and includes large full color photos showing you the techniques. You may want to include an extension chain so that your design will fit a variety of neck sizes. Please let us know if you’ve named your piece, and the process used: did you use traditional wire jewelry techniques, or did this project inspire you to use different tools and techniques?
If you wish to add additional holes (as in my example) do this now having equally divided the spacing of holes to within desired area. Instead of chain, you can use a variety of other mediums including ribbon, wire, connectors or even partially beaded strands. Lastly, I used my dremel tool with a sanding end to give a bit of a lip to the ends that was smooth, curving them a little so that there were no sharp edges. I had my husband try it on several times to make sure it was shaped correctly and the fit was right.

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