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Just in time for holiday gift giving, you'll find a new selection of the popular Class in a Box! Each kit contains enough jewelry making supplies to make 2 necklaces, 2 bracelets, and 2 earring sets. Step-by-step instructions, including clear photos and diagrams, make it easy to learn each new jewelry making technique. The 3-in-1 jewelry tool combines 3 basic jewelry making tools into 1 set of easy-to-use pliers.

For 17 years, I've been finding the best bargains the Internet has to offer.Learn more about Karen. I'm excited to tell you about our first Craft Kit Giveaway at Weekend Kits!  You can enter to win one of the new Jewelry Class is a Box! The winner will be announced here on Monday, April 18.  Please be sure to check back to see if it's you! Includes: suede and leather cording, chain bracelets, colored ball chain, satin cording, embroidery thread, hex nuts and easy-to-follow instructions.

I keep thinking about trying my hand at various crafts but putting together all the basics boggles me.

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