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Would you believe me if I told you that this beautiful jewelry organizer used to be a crib? And if you aren't in the market for jewelry storage, what about something to hang on your walls.
While I agree that the link doesn't work, you could always Google Infarrantly Creative and find it that way.
Here’s some ideas from around my home on ways you can organize things by making use of baskets, containers, bins and more and keep them right out in the open. Rhoda just organized her frequently used tools on a pegboard and shows you how to create your own. Any of these ideas that you could use in your home?  And I am sure you have many other ideas that you use in your home – share them in the comments!

If you enjoy jewelry and have a lot of jewelry, you may approaching a problem of how to organize the jewelry. 3 DIY Jewelry organizer  box You can make boxes of wood, metal and other material and put jewelry in them.these jewelry boxes you can put on the wall. Keep all of your jewelry organized while utilizing door storage space with the Over the Door Mix and Match Jewelry Organizer. Can be connected to the Over the Door Mix and Match Shoe Organizer, Over the Door Mix and Match Purse Organizer and the Over the Door Mix and Match Boot Organizer. We just moved into a new home, and we’ve been stumped about what to do with our quick-breakfast items for a while.
This is one of the most creative and original way to store jewelry, it is only necessary to select the appropriate branch with a larger number of small nodes.

We can never remember how much we have or forget that they are in the cabinet… Where did you find the tiered-basket you used?
If you don’t like that, you can make jewelry organizer, it is not difficult and will take no  time.

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