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The advent of ultrapulse CO2 laser resurfacing has enabled a simple treatment for many scars.
The examples in the floating Mona Lisa gallery on the right side of the page show treatment of traumatic scars.
Medical grade silicone injected by an expert injector with proper technique is a natural feeling and looking solution to various scar problems and has been safely performed for half a century.
The above patient sustained a dog bite and was treated with plastic incision closure by Dr. Note: Due to the need for monthly follow up for steroid injection and the difficult logistics of treating out of town patients, Dr.
Keloid scar removal can be very challenging and it is impossible to promise a patient that the scar will be permanently removed and not return, but newer advances in keloid removal have been very promising for long term success. Facial disfigurement from injury can occur in a fraction of a second and cause life-long emotional, as well as physical, scarring. Aesthetic facial restoration entails removal of unsightly contracting scars and rebalancing of facial features by innovative methods of tissue re-arrangement. Keloid Patient 1: This patient has a keloid of the ear from prior ear piercings through the ear cartilage.
Secondary restorative surgery as well as scar removal and revision is initiated several weeks to months after injury.
Dog bites account for 800,000 emergency room visits per year.Dog bites are different from other lacerations in that the incidence of infection is 15 times greater than that of routine lacerations because the organisms are more virulent and contain a mixed comtamination of bacteria.
Anyone with a dog bite more than a scratch should seek medical treatment immediately, especially if the health status of the dog is unknown. Deep penetrating injuries and tearing lacerations of the face, lips of ears should be treated by a facial plastic surgeon.

Doctor Andrew Jacono is pleased to introduce J PAK SYSTEMS™ - two homeopathic remedies for use before and after aesthetic injectable and surgical procedures to help minimize swelling and building.
Niamtu employs the latest technology to assist with the cosmetic treatment of facial scars.
Larger keloid scars require surgical excision and can also be followed up by a single radiation treatment on the day of surgery.
Joe Niamtu performing an earlobe keloid removal with the Lumenis Encore CO2 Laser and Deep FX technology.
Andrew Jacono is a Dual Board Certified, Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon located in Manhattan and Long Island. While early cleansing and meticulous closure in the emergency room is important, permanent scarring may be unsightly and cause distortion of facial features.
If bony architecture of the face has been destroyed, a three-dimensional computer imaging of the defect is created. Facial distortions are evaluated by video computer imaging at the initial consultation, and a surgical protocol is outlined to restore delicate facial balance and symmetry. Penetrating injuries by the dog's teeth can inject the deeper tissue and lead to late infection, presenting as redness, fever, and swelling.
Initial treatment should include thorough cleansing, antibiotics, tetanus prophylaxis, and reporting the dog bite to the Health Department to ascertain whether the dog is up to date on rabies and other vaccinations.
Repair of the dog bite requires surgically cutting away the contaminated tissue and thorough irrigation with saline or antibiotic solution.
These include scars from trauma such as automobile accidents, cuts and lacerations as well as scars from surgical procedures performed on the face. The combination of surgical excision and radiation has proven extremely effective in preventing reoccurrence of keloid scars.

At the time of your initial consultation, an assessment is made of the thickness, texture and color of the deforming scars and the best option for scar removal.
Using this image, Doctor Jacono utilizes the patient's own body tissues (bone, cartilage and skin) to recreate facial shape and symmetry. Sophisticated techniques of meticulous tissue re-arrangement, scar revision and skin grafting are utilized to restore facial features to a more anatomical appearance.
The scarred area is treated with the laser which causes a flattening of the scar borders and the formation of collagen in the skin. Newer lasesers such as the Deep FX have also been successfully utilized in treating keloids. After surgery, you will be taught camouflage techniques by a skilled make-up artist to hide incisional sites and blend in blemishes. While persistent scars cannot be avoided, sophisticated laser technology can flatten and camouflage their unsightly appearance. Forty percent of all dog bites include tearing away of flesh, which, for the plastic surgeon, entails, not only making the scar less conspicuous, but also replacing lost tissue. A custom blended foundation is formulated by our aesthetician to match your skin tone and further hide residual scarring.
In extreme cases, where trauma has penetrated the facial muscles or severed the facial nerve, microsurgical techniques of nerve or muscle grafting can lead to restored facial expression. Some scars can be totally treated with a single laser session while most require a follow up laser procedure.

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