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A stylish addition to the QuietPoint® family of active noise-cancelling headphones, the ATH-ANC29 headphones provide up to 87% noise reduction and deliver Audio-Technica’s coveted high-fidelity sound quality. For pre-order items, we provide our customers with the expected arrival date that the manufacturer provides us with.
All exchanged or returned merchandise must be in Original Factory Condition, including all packaging materials, inserts and manuals, warranty cards (not filled out), and accessories. The Koss SB49 Communication Stereophone is a full-sized headset with an integrated electret microphone.

With redesigned earcups and a bold A-T logo, the headphones offer a sleek, contemporary look, and a newly designed headband with extra padding for a snug yet totally comfortable fit.
We cannot guarantee this item will be shipped to us on theexact date shown on the items product page.
The closed headphone design provides superior isolation, making it ideal for interactive gaming, speech recognition, and telecommunication. We will charge you for replacement of damaged, altered, missing, written-on, or taped-on contents or cartons.

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