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Imagine asking  for someone to pass the salt shaker but not being able to receive it in hand?
It wasn’t until I was in my teens and even after I got married that I realized my beliefs were indeed superstitious.
When a woman is pregnant she is to protect her unborn child from diseases, loss, and even deformation from a full moon.
A quick bloody nose solution is said to be solved by licking a penny and placing it on your forehead.
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According to the superstition, if the left ear is ringing, someone the person knows is saying something good about them.
Many of these beliefs come from deep in our roots and are still practiced in our family today. Sharing the nightmare is said to break any chances of the nightmare from happening in real life. It is said that by doing so would be like cutting the umbilical cord or causing harm to her unborn child.
This deeper placement allows the system to take advantage of your ear's natural acoustics and anatomy for a sound quality you will need to experience to believe.
Now, you can get our state of the art hearing amplification technology with specially designed ear buds for the left and right ears. Instead, believers of this superstition must ask for the salt to be placed down before they can take possession.
If your left ear is buzzing then you are to bite your tongue in hopes of the person biting their tongue as punishment for talking bad about you.

Our digital amplifier is comfortable and totally discrete and provides you with the highest quality amplified sound. You get another breakthrough in design, function and technology - It's the Digital Discovery Digital Hearing Amplifier. Enjoy digitally enhanced sound quality in both ears, simultaneously without the embarrassment of those large, clunky hearing devices. You are to, instead, place money, either coins or dollar bills, in the palm and squeeze until the urge to scratch fades. The Norse legends included a story about 12 gods sitting at a banquet when Loki, the uninvited god, showed up to make it 13, a debacle that led to a huge battle.

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