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While yogurt doesn’t contain as much lactose as other dairy products, it can be enough to cause discomfort. One of the benefits of eating yogurt is that it helps fill your gut with friendly probiotics that will improve both your digestive and overall health.
If you are experiencing gas and bloating caused by yogurt, or any other food for that matter, Charcocaps are a great remedy to have on hand.
Beware of artificial sweeteners which can wreak havoc on your body and try to stick to unflavored versions to reduce sugar consumption. If you notice the same symptoms when you drink milk, then you are probably having a reaction to lactose.

If yogurts causes your GI discomfort, then you may have been more out of balance than you first suspected.
This is especially true if you think your gas is being caused by an imbalance of probiotics in your gut. All the experts seem to be saying that yogurt is great for your digestive system, but if you are finding that adding yogurt to your diet is causing more gas and bloating than ever, you aren’t alone.
Be sure to read labels and look for yogurts that only contain milk, cream and active cultures.
For those who don’t want to give up their yogurt, most major brands offer lactose free options.

For those who start with a greater imbalance, adding probiotics may cause some initial bloating as all the bacteria work to achieve a comfortable homeostasis.
The combination of yogurt and CharcoCaps can help eliminate toxins and replace bad bacteria with healthy bacteria.
Visit your local grocery store and try out the dynamic duo of yogurt packed with active cultures and CharcoCaps.

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