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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. What People Are Saying ******************************************************************************"Hi Michelle, I received the earrings yesterday, they are so precious! Little girl's clip on earrings are a great earring option for a child without pierced ears. Little girl's clip on earrings come a many adorable styles suitable for many different ages. Be careful if daughter has a nickel allergy because many of the whimsical children's fashion metal clip on earrings may contain nickel. Crazy4Clipons: Crazy4Clipons sells a selection of sterling silver clip on earrings in traditional designs such as dangling pearls and animals designs such as ladybugs. The Clip On Earring Store: The Clip On Earring Store sells a variety of clip on earrings with some styles that are suitable for children.
Little girl's clip on earrings are a great way to help your daughter prepare for pierced ears or enjoy the look of pierced earrings without any piercing. I know there are a lot of little girls out there who would love to wear cute earrings, but don’t have their ears pierced. What People Are Saying ******************************************************************************"The earrings are absolutely perfect! Fabulous AAA Grade Moonstone, in this unusual cut, luminescent and flawless, pretty near perfect.

The hoop is hand formed, lightly hammered and highly polished to let the light catch each facet. Chic and organic, these earrings are so feminine and are a truly versatile accessory, complimenting every look! Sarah Hickey jewellery is gift wrapped in a signature Sarah Hickey cushioned box finished with a beautiful woven ribbon. When your little girl wants to wear earrings but she is not quite ready for the responsibility of pierced ears, she can practice with clip on earrings.
It takes months for pierced ears to heal and the piercing requires a regular cleaning and posts rotating for proper healing. Clip on earrings are available in costume and fashion jewelry for children as young as three-years-old.
Clip on earrings that resemble post earrings and dangle earrings come in a variety of designs. However, you can still find clip on earrings for your daughter at a number of local jewelers and the children's jewelry section of department stores in many cities. They have a number of children's clip on earrings in styles such as pearls, holiday themes, daisies, crosses, angels, hearts and animals. The moonstone is encircled by a hand forged little leaf hoop and topped with a small faceted Green Apatite. I work with all natural stones which as such are subject to natural inclusions and very slight variances in colour and cut.

Your daughter must be responsible enough to keep her ears clean, rotate the posts, not remove the earrings and tell you if there is any sign of infection. Children's clip on earrings come in a variety of materials such as yellow gold, sterling silver, pewter, resin or plastic. The large selection of designs can help the mother of a preschooler and the mother of a preteen find the perfect pair of clip on earrings.
Due to this big responsibility, many parents wait until a little girl is at least eight years old or older to get her ears pierced. Some clip on backings include a cushion for comfort, while others are all metal or plastic. The great news is that your daughter can enjoy the look of pierced earrings with clip on earrings even if she isn't ready for pierced ears. Little girls with or without pierced ears can find many cute clip on earring designs for casual or dressy occasions.

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