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Out of stockAbout this ProductThis wireless stereo headset provides a high-quality audio experience for your Skype calling, gaming, and music listening.
It features a plush headband and ear pads for your comfort, a noise-cancelling microphone that mutes when you rotate the boom out of the way, and provides you with a 2.4GHz wireless connection through a USB wireless transmitter. Just plug the USB transmitter into your PC, no software required, you will be up and running in seconds! Taking a more detailed look at the ClearChat PC Wireless shows off some clever integration of controls that would normally be on the wire for a regular headset.
I was surprised to find that Logitech decided to forego the use of mini-USB for charging the battery, and has instead included a small 6V, 240mA power brick, which connects to the headset using a very unusual, proprietary socket. How well does the the Logitech ClearChat PC Wireless Headset 981-000068 work with various talk to text programs.

Hello Bill:This isn't usually something that the microphone has any impact on, and the software will normally determine how well it works. The volume is controlled by rocking the silver ring up or down, and mute is a large button within the ring. This feature uses a second microphone on the outside of the boom, whose signal is subtracted from that of the inside microphone. I'm at a loss to explain why Logitech chose to do this; Aside from the inconvenience of not being able to charge from the PC itself, the power plug and cable are quite stiff, causing them to push against my shoulder when using the headset while charging. USB extension cable with a felt-bottomed holder that the wireless dongle can be plugged into. Are there other less expensive wireless system out there that do as good or better then this new system from Logitech when it comes to feeding talk to text programs.

The volume control is fine-grained when tapped, and rapidly changes the volume when held down, for those noisier moments on Ventrilo.
This pushes the headset around, and the vibrations from it are surprisingly loud (in the right ear).
Voice recording is much clearer on the ClearChat PC Wireless than most single-microphone headsets, particular when the background noise contains voices, as from a movie or telephone conversation elsewhere in the room.

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