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As you know, the official story goes like this: "Her last known whereabouts are Don Lothario's deck, and Don's photo album and memory panel show that he had attempted some romantic interactions with Bella, which she didn't accept, before she mysteriously disappeared".
When he was approaching his house, he noticed a strange reddish light coming out from the windows. The new Don looked at himself, then at the real Don trapped in the ice cube and laughed maniacally. Don woke up still feeling cold and uncomfortable, his head aching like it was going to bust right open. Knowing Don's ways, and in order not to raise any suspicions, the alien replied: "I'm sorry, bellisima. The gun went flying across the room, and the fake Don and Bella wrestled for a few seconds. It depicted of a human figure, but when Don looked more closely, he felt a rush of blood to his face.
But the alien had Don's strength and it seemed to have a way of knowing what Bella's next move was going to be.
It was hard to come up with a way that was consistent with the "official" story we were told. He would better go back home if he wanted to be fresh for the next day's latin dance competition.
Don distinctly knew: he didn't think anyone else had a doorbell that played "La Cucaracha".

The house was rather small - at least to Bella's standards - and soon enough she had searched the entire ground floor, without finding any way down to the basement.
The best thing is that most of it actually happened in my game in real time, with very little staging (only a few poses).
I am almost caught up with all the events that happened in Pleasantview between TS1 and TS2.
In a matter of seconds, the portal sparkled and changed, a blinding light coming out of it. There was only one detail left: Bella Goth and her mysterious disappearance, which is a major component to the background story of both the Goths and Plasantview itself. They had meet at their latin dance club and Don decided to pair with her for the upcoming competition in order to have a chance to "know" her better.
He was particularly pushy this afternoon, throwing flirtatious jokes at Bella and flashing her constant grins. Also, in Ts1 she seemed to me like a refined, elegant woman, who, according to her bio, enjoyed "a variety of sports, from golf to miniature golf".

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