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Activity 3: Have the kids stand in two stright lines just half an arm legnth apart in each row.
As well as the frequency of the wave (how fast it oscillates) determining its pitch, the amplitude of the wave (how big each oscillation is) deterines its loudness. The more pressure or force that the sound wave 'pushes' on the air molecules, the larger the amplitude of the wave and the lounder the sound will be and the farther the sound wave can travel. The power of jet noise A new study was published present a link, between jet noise and mental illness. 1- Hearing loss is the number one of disability of the world 2- hearing loss is the most preventable disability in the world 3- the number of people who need hearing aid 25 million 4- 15 every 1000 people under 18 yrs have hearing loss 5- 3 out of 100 school children are affected by hearing loss 6- percentage of people loss their hearing before age of 3 is 5.4 % 7- percentage of people who loss their hearing between 3 to18 yrs. The nature of noise oNoN oise, phenomena of vibration, travels in wave patterns through solids, liquids and gases.
Sound is a disturbance that propagates through a medium having properties of inertia ( mass ) and elasticity. The disturbance gradually diminishes as it travels outwards since the initial amount of energy is gradually spreading over a wider area. Noise problem Consists of three inter-related elements o source o receiver o transmission path.

2- Loudness o A loud noise usually has a larger fluctuation and a weak one has smaller pressure fluctuation. To express noise in terms of Pa is quite inconvenient because we have to deal with numbers from as small as 20 to as big as 2,000,000,000. Quantifying Sound Root Mean Square Value (RMS) of Sound Pressure o The rms pressure is the square root of this time-averaged value.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Note that it oscillates up and down in the transverse wave and it oscillates side to side in the longitudinal wave.
The study find that the rate of mental illness hospital admission was 20 percent higher in Inglewood, where the los Angeles International Airport is located, than in El Segundo, about five miles away. We'll do some activities to create sound and test how it travels through different mediums. Encyclopedia as Undesirable sound o From the legal view point may be defined as wrong pollution is from the air, causing a material wounding of the right of individuals o Noise is a form of energy which is emitted by a vibrating body and transmitted by pressure fluctuation which the human ear can detect and on reaching the ear causes the sensation of hearing through nerves.
The researchers chose El Segundo for comparison because census data showed its residents to be very much like those of Inglewood in age, race and Socio-economic background. Sound energy travels through the air by a pressure wave, which pushes the air molecules back and forth so that they oscillate - or vibrate.

The main difference was the jet noise level: above 90 decibels in Inglewood, 60 to 65 decibels in El Segundo. These vibrations produce lectrical signals transmitted through nerves to your brain where they are interpretted and sound! This means the vibrations or osciallations of sound doesn't need to work so hard before they collide with their neighbouring molecules or atoms. A study by British psychiatrists produced similar results.Mental hospital admission were 31 percent higher among people living close to Londons Heathrow Airport than among those who lived farther away. The wave is carry information in one direction, but each particle is just oscilate on the spot. This is a bit like how long it takes sound to travel through a solid (atoms are all bunched up), through a liquid (molecular are close but not as close as in a solid) and a gas (the atoms are quite far apart from each other).

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