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Monkeys…Jane Goodall was my hero when I was a child (and I even got to meet her years ago when she gave a talk at the Oakland Zoo), so of course I love monkeys. The Month Of May (I took this photo in May in Mendocino!) – Kip and I were married in May and to me the month represents Spring and renewal.
Those are my 10 M-words…others that also get a nod from me are Muse, Music, (my niece) Mae, Mom, Milkshakes (chocolate please!), Moon, Mysteries, and Make Believe.
Maine is the only New England state I’ve never been to, but I want to make up for that one day.
It sounds like you live in the general vicinity (very general) of my in-laws’ fishing cabin, which is sort-of between Yosemite and Tahoe.

Florinda: Actually we are not that close to Yosemite or Tahoe…but I love to visit those spots! Publishers and Authors…I am no longer accepting review copies of books except for very rare exceptions. Not only is the view spectacular, but the shopping (and specifically the great little bookstore) is wonderful.
There was a period of time in my youth (I think I was nine or ten years old) when I used to climb trees and pretend I was a monkey. My husband and I live in the mountains close to Lassen Volcanic National Park and I love the smell of the pines, the cool mountain air and the amazing wildlife.
I love getting the mail – and every Monday I share with you the books that arrive at my house.
I love the emergence of the flowers, the green meadows, the glint of sun on the still snowcapped mountains … and of course the weather!

I love the rocky coastline, the pines that grow all the way to the shore, the independent people, the vast array of antique stores, and the quaint villages. Wallpaper images in the The Letter M club tagged: fire letter alphabet m graphics photoshop.
Mendocino is also host to the Mendocino Writer’s Conference which I was lucky enough to attend one year.

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