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Now, 15 years later, MOTH is a mainstay Titus2 product, and we have boxes of testimonies and countless e-mails from moms around the world that the book transformed their lives through time management.
Memories of those early days included collating the first printing of Scheduling Kits by hand, going to the print shop to compile books and Scheduling Kits, shipping books out, and embarking on our first ministry trip in January 2000.
Maxwell family — one of the many photos we took to get the perfect picture for the book back cover.
Sometimes we’re asked about what we do for exercise so I decided to give you an idea of what we did for a workout recently. We had six stations and worked to complete as many repetitions as possible during the time period. The timer was set to loop through a 45 second interval and when it went off each of us rotated to the next station in clockwise order.
If the Lord brings a wife for me at some point and then gives us children, I would love for us to homeschool them. We could use Christian-based, educational materials that do not teach evolution and other godless ideologies that usually permeate secular textbooks and instruction.
The home is a sheltered environment that affords protection from worldly influences such as coarse language and potentially undesirable behavior among classmates.
I would have no concerns about my children being bullied as is prevalent on school campuses. They would be physically safe in our home from mentally deranged individuals preying on groups of defenseless children. Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.
I know this is practically the first comment I’ve left about the wedding pictures, but I kind of wanted to wait to see all of them. The clouds made a gorgeous sky in all of the outdoor pictures Congratulations to Joseph and Elissa. Since our new book, Managers of Their Chores has been out, we’ve kept busy keeping the books compiled!
Recently, Dad declared several Chore book work sessions; we absolutely love to work together! We will work to keep you updated on our family and what’s happening in the Managers of Their Homes ministry. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We are the Maxwells—saved by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and passionate about helping families. Happily married for over forty years with eight fantastic children (now adults) and excited grandparents to a growing number. Teri loves investing her life in others, from those still in the home to her grandchildren to being a Titus2 mentor to countless moms around the world.
Nathan, the oldest, graduated from homeschool in 1995, and at the age of 24, bought his home debt-free about a year before he married Melanie. Christopher graduated from homeschool in 1997 and has been working full time in CCI, the family business, since then. Joseph has been programming professionally for many years, and currently he works full time for CCI. The Maxwells attend a multi-generational, family-integrated church Families for Jesus Fellowship in Lansing, Kansas (outside of Kansas City).
Our family's highest delight is in knowing Jesus Christ as our personal Savior and serving Him.
If you are interested in Steve and Teri speaking at your homeschool conference or weekend conference, please click here. I’m not sure how it happened, but one year turned to three, three years turned to five, and before long I really believed that I didn’t want to have children. It’s heartbreaking to think that those words came from my lips and that I could be so selfish, all the while thinking we were doing so much good for God.
On October 29, 2013 we welcomed our sweet Anna Victoria into the world, and every time I look at her, I’m thankful that God changed my heart and gave me this precious gift!
Blessings & thanks for sharing this testimony, may it draw others to the Lord’s truths of HIS blessings! We have put one more Computer Essentials on the schedule in case anyone was waiting to take it. Our oldest son is 10 but might benefit from the A+ course videos even now depending on the price.
We have taken one course already and were really hoping to be able to take more in the future.
Hi Nathan, my family and I went to the conference in Fort Mill two weeks ago, and I looked up your IT classes. For example, at first, we were buying six pounds of ground beef, and we had so many hamburgers left over that we ate them for quite a while. I’m in charge of the Thanksgiving meal for the family for the first time this year 35 people!
On a side note, I have been doing monthly meal planning for our family for almost 2 years, but I recently started doing monthly meal shopping. I imagine another complicating factor is that as the kids got older, they ate more, so that had to be factored in as well. Planning is always a good idea when holding a special event like that, especially with such a big crowd! For the past 12 of the last 15 years I have been in charge of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.
The coordinator provided a dinner of eastern North Carolina BBQ for us, and we enjoyed the different style of BBQ from the Kansas City style. Hearts again seemed open to the message that was shared, and we pray the Lord Jesus will bring lasting fruit in the generations to come. We'll often do a few songs after the last session, and here are the five youngest waiting to go up front. You can probably tell from the photos: I really enjoy the rivers, streams, and lakes as we drive! The boys are quick to jump out of the bus and make sure that there are no branches in the way or for example here Joseph is watching to make sure the bus does not high center on the railroad tracks! Come on in — be a little careful, though, on the steps, because it is a tall step up. Oh wait, before you go further, don’t forget to check in this room, directly to your right. Our hearts are again full of gratefulness to the Lord Jesus for the work He did through this weekend’s conference outside of Knoxville, Tennessee. Our conference coordinator made dinner for us Friday evening, and also they provided lunch Saturday. Saturday morning, I had my camera as I was coming up from a session, and I grabbed a few pictures as families walked to the next session.
The children enjoyed a video chat with Nathan, Melanie, and Abigail during one of the sessions (they were out near the book tables). We also met a family who plays gospel bluegrass, and several family members enjoyed chatting with them. Several of the ladies, with a daughter, who made dinner (and thanks to the others who helped).
Ladies frequently asked Mom how she got everything done, and they especially wanted to know how she had time to sew matching outfits for the girls when she was a homeschooling mom of eight. The unique, color-coded Scheduling Kit that accompanies the book is hands-on and has allowed moms to create their personal family’s schedule.

For one example, I would like my children not to be part of the significant percentage of high school graduates who don’t know how to read. I have a friend who attends public school (in another part of the country) and has told me some of the unbiblical and ungodly things that are being taught in his school.
From my observation of child-training, immediate and consistent direction is far better than when it is delayed and inconsistent. This brought joy to us and much gratefulness for our Father in heaven who created love, marriage and family and for His good rules for them! I?m sure Joseph and Elissa are able to love each other with a very pure and unselfish love! It has been so encouraging in so many areas–the courtships of the children have been beautiful and such a blessing. I see you were at another wedding too- saw you on the TV broadcast of Jill Duggar’s wedding, what a lovely event.
Reminded me of my aunt’s weddings and the time I was one of those little flower girls… ?? LOVE the cake and colors! In the heat of the afternoon, Jesse strolled across the lawn when he noticed a little creature in the grass. We are the Maxwells: Steve, Teri, Nathan and his wife Melanie, Christopher, Sarah, Joseph, John, Anna, Jesse, and Mary. God has enabled us to help tens of thousands of Christian families who wanted to grow toward their goals of peace and productivity in their homes. It has been a Maxwell family goal to have each son purchase his home without incurring debt and to be able to provide a good living for his family (see Preparing Sons to Provide for a Single-Income Family and Buying a House Debt-Free). He wrote ChoreWare, optional for Managers of Their Chores, and ScheduleBreeze, optional for Managers of Their Homes book owners. Though he is full-time with CCI doing web development for multiple clients, he enjoys Titus2 projects.
We loved the Lord, and we were excited to begin the journey of our lives together with Him. We were asking God to bring back the value of life in our nation and praying for the ending of abortion.
I mean, I didn’t all of the sudden have strong feelings when I was around babies or get emotional when I thought about being pregnant. However, our excitement turned to sorrow only seven weeks later as we lost the baby in a miscarriage. May the Lord’s name be praised, and may He continue to turn the hearts of the fathers and mothers back to the children. My husband and I are looking forward to our first little blessing this summer, Lord willing. We have so much to be thankful for!Traditionally, our extended family comes over for Christmas Eve. We launched ITonRamp in May of 2011, with the goal of equipping others with technical skills.
Sarah, in particular, has been amazing at holding the organization together, keeping us on schedule, and ensuring that all the pieces needed for each course were in place.
Our oldest son recently turned 12, and we had been hoping he could take some of your courses. There are many dishes in the meal and generally a single recipe is not enough, so that complicates the ingredient list.
We like the same menu that has been fine tuned through the years by popular vote: hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, picnic eggs, baked beans, chips, chip dip, soda, and dessert (that is different each year). Therefore I have a master shopping list for our barbecues that I keep on my computer, and then I fine tune it with each event.
For this year’s Labor Day, we bought three pounds of ground beef, and we had four hamburgers left over.
Are there ways that you can streamline your holiday meals by tracking your menu, saving shopping lists, and writing down after-action reports such as how many you fed, how much was left over, or what you didn’t have enough of? I usually make a big master plan for a holiday, but I write it on scrap paper and throw it away when the holiday has passed, only to repeat the effort the next year.
Basically, they’re hard-boiled eggs with the yolks scooped out and mixed with delicious seasonings and items like mayo. I can hear the rushing of a nearby creek, and the family is scattered around the house and surrounding areas. Tonight, wea€™ll be doing a gospel bluegrass concert here in Carrollton, Georgia, and tomorrow night, wea€™ll be doing our normal, evening homeschool conference at the same church.
Our conference last night went really well, and I’m sure there will be a report before too much longer.
He works through each room (during the first time block there is four sessions going on at once) and figures out if they need speakers, how to hook into the churcha€™s sound system. He helps make sure all the rooms are set up with the proper amount of chairs in them and that they are facing the correct direction. Her back bothers her a lot, and so it makes it difficult for her to help us, because she saves her back energy for the sessions that she gives most evenings!
She was given that job so that Sarah would be able to focus on other things and not have to worry about the book tables on top of it. He does a great job at getting into parking lots and places that were really not meant for the bus. She works hard to help the coordinators with their publicity and then all of the correspondence that is involved with the ministry. He helps with parking the bus, keeping it running, and all of the other issues that go on with those kind of logistics. You might want to watch for someone de-bunking from the top bunk (thankfully, there’s normally a warning before they come down). This back room, Dad and Mom’s room, is a cozy little room, just big enough for their bed. We arrived around lunchtime, and we had the afternoon to set up, practice music, and have family Bible time.
Many parents shared with Dad and Mom struggles with rebellious children and tough family situations: we pray the Lord will use what was shared this weekend to turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the children to their fathers. This family had come to our Memphis conference last fall, and they were able to come Friday evening! We had a scenic (and twisty!) drive from the Huntsville area to Gadsden Thursday afternoon.
My group of girls was on the younger side, but the Lord always gives ways to tailor each’s night talk to that specific group. She shared her schedule with them, but there was so much more to her schedule than just activities in a time block. Normally the girls exercise together and the guys also are a team, but on this day we decided to join up for a special workout.
Also, if you’re interested in a recipe or just would like to search by keyword on the blog, you can use the search feature on the lower right. Joseph Maxwell were introduced, and then they shared some words with the group, along with thanking both sets of parents for all they did raising them. In fact, it is really funny for us to think of standing there all the time during the ceremony (even as bride and groom)!
And in the evening there is a great dinner, games, songs being performed, photos being shown and so on (of course non christian weddings also have dancing, drinking…). After getting permission from Dad, Joseph went outside to pick him up so that he could be put into a little box.

John called several places and the best advice they told John was to keep him until he could climb a tree and fend for himself. Steve writes a weekly e-newsletter called Seriously Dad, which is a short, encouraging read for all dads. Nathan and Melanie homeschool and have four children: Abigail, Bethany, Christina, and Andrew. Christopher also purchased his home debt-free, and he married Anna Marie in October 2010 after a courtship and engagement. Whenever she has a spare moment, you’ll probably find her writing a children’s book, taking pictures, working on a blog post, learning a new skill, or doing a homemaking task.
Joseph’s wife is Elissa, and they welcomed their first child, Calia Grace, to their family in October. Jesse is the inventory manager for Titus2, had a major role in the construction of this website, and made it mobile friendly. Mary is definitely a "creative," and whether she's drawing, sewing, or doing something else, her flair shows through.
I know he would be interested in whatever you have available for advancing as far as possible! By popular vote, everyone loves the traditional favorites so we keep having that special meal. I have a list where I write down who was coming and how much we planned for each part of the meal. A large crowd showed up for that nighta€™s conference, and wea€™re grateful to Holly for all the work she did in publicity.
Today is a gray, but pleasant, travel day as we head to Carrollton, Georgia to share Wednesday and Thursday evenings.
There are also many things that also go unmentioned, like the countless things that Mom does to keep the bus tidy! She also is available to people if they have question regarding different products at the book tables! He sets up the visual part of the evening, and that involves setting up the power point, figuring out what to project on, and then tearing it down again.
Her a€?joba€? involves helping with the set up, tear down, making decisions as to where they are placed, and making sure everything is set up and running properly.
He also unloads and then carefully repacks the bus each conference, which is a big job getting it all to fit in and not be damaged while we drive. The next set is the boys’, with one more boy on the right, underneath the clothes area. While trying to get the squirrel in the box he (meaning the squirrel) decided to go for a little run. Teri writes a monthly e-newsletter for moms called Mom’s Corner, challenging and motivating moms. Sarah would love to be a wife and a mother, but she’s waiting on the Lord for that right guy.
John is a “can do” guy, jumping in where needed and supplying the energy to come up with the solution. You will often find her enjoying her nieces or lending a needed hand to one of her sisters-in-law.
How could I pray this prayer and yet keep my heart closed to the Lord about having our own family? If God wanted me to have children, I’d do it out of obedience, but I didn’t feel excited about it. I didn’t know if God would give us that blessing that I had held at arm’s length for so long.
We are praying about making the videos from the last A+ course available in an on-demand format for the next few months. Once I made the list, I could save it on my computer and just open the file the next time I needed it. It has made those family meals so much easier when I don’t have to start from scratch with the plan and shopping list each time.
Also a couple of years ago, some began having their hot dog or hamburger in a lettuce wrap. I’ve already reminded my four year old that she is making the pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving (with supervision, of course!).
In fact my family and I were talking just this past weekend about this years Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners. Yes, a family graciously loaned us the use of their house for three nights here in Georgia. We plan to drive several hours Saturday night to get a head-start on Sundaya€™s long drive home.
John usually has some little helpers from families that attend the conference that chatter as they put things where he tells them. One day, Mom told Dad that it would be easier to write a book than to write all those notes.
Or, if you prefer, click on a category, such as recipes, to explore the posts in that category. However, ITonRamp has not met our growth goals, so we’ve felt led to close the scheduled courses side.
Will be interested to see where the Lord leads you all next I’m still praying for a photography course sometime however, hint, hint!!
Until I put iceberg lettuce on my master shopping list for the barbecue, we were sending someone back to the store the day of the barbecue for the lettuce that hadn’t been purchased.
It was wonderful to sit around a table together last night and spread out in the living room for family Bible time. She also helps with the set up and tear down – not to mention she runs the cash register when needed. Parallel to Mom, I sit in a side-ways facing small chair, that was given to us when we purchased the bus. Thankfully, he didn’t have enough traction to run fast and we were able to catch him. In her free time she loves spending time and helping her sister-in-laws and her nieces and nephews, and trying out new baking recipes and ideas. Anna sits to my right, on the couch, with Jesse, sitting in the middle, and Joseph on his right.
We decided to give him some Pedialyte in a syringe to see if he could recover from sitting outside all afternoon in the heat. It’s a way that He desires to bless us, and there I was saying, “No, thanks God, I don’t want your blessings.” Oh how thankful I am for forgiveness and restoration! Twenty-four busy moms tested the book, and since it worked for them, we prayed it would work for others. We thought that maybe his mom would come and carry him back to the nest [which was up in the tree].

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