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Now, 15 years later, MOTH is a mainstay Titus2 product, and we have boxes of testimonies and countless e-mails from moms around the world that the book transformed their lives through time management.
Memories of those early days included collating the first printing of Scheduling Kits by hand, going to the print shop to compile books and Scheduling Kits, shipping books out, and embarking on our first ministry trip in January 2000.
Maxwell family — one of the many photos we took to get the perfect picture for the book back cover. As a home schooling mummy in the UK, I could not have begun to know how to schedule without this book. What a blessing for you all to be able to look back and see all that the Lord has done in and through your lives. Although I was unable to homeschool, you all (and your books) have ministered to me in so many ways. During this weekend of December 5th, 6th, and 7th, the Church of the Open Door transforms their church by stepping back in time. While people wait in the sanctuary to take their tour, Joseph & Elissa, John, Anna, Jesse, and Mary, with guest appearances from the little relatives, will be sharing through music and testimony Friday and Saturday, 7-9 pm. If you live in the Kansas City area, the Church of the Open Door would be about a 45 minute drive. Also, on the topic of Christmas music, our family will be giving a very special Christmas concert on December 11th in Leavenworth. Walk Through Bethlehem sounds like a great way to remind the public that Jesus is the reason for the season! Praying for receptive hearts as they listen to your music and testimonies.Have a wonderful time. What a wonderful church that through so many volunteers opens its doors to the public to spread the gospel. That family picture would make a great cover for a Christmas album ?? Our family so appreciates your music. Now we are on our way to Teria€™s sistera€™s home near Huntsville, Alabama, where we will spend the weekend. Another dear friend of mine who is a mom to 13 children (one of their 3 year old twins went home to be with Jesus a couple years ago) and her family went to visit the Duggars a couple months ago. I too found your site by way of a link from the Duggars’ a while back and our family just adores both the Maxwells & the Duggars! Seeing the picture of Teri and Michelle Duggar was absolutely amazing because it was through both of your families’ testimony to scripture on having children that brought me to the truth on child bearing. PS- We are praying that eventually the Duggars series that is being broadcast on cable will eventually be available on DVD for sale. For those of you who are observant, can you see the difference between this picture and the next one? Maxwell Ladies -- We girls try to get a picture each year, although last year we didn't. I used to make all my own clothes and only wore long skirts and jumpers for a lot of years–over 20 at least.
The difference in the pics if I am not mistaken is that the 2 gentlemen on the right end switched places. My girls and I were looking at your pictures when my 4 yr old, Liberty, said, “Oh look at those princesses!” What a beautiful family you all are! That said, I’d rather take the medications to enhance the incredible brain that allows me conscious discernment, in addition to the ability to merely function than suffer excrutiating bipolar disorder. Joshua looks just like Anna Marie to a T just a smaller and younger version of her and he is sure a cutie Pie!!!

What a privilege it is to obey the command to “rejoice with those who rejoice”!! On Sunday night after the church service where Dad preached and we did some music, we drove a little over two hours to Phoenix for the night. Ladies frequently asked Mom how she got everything done, and they especially wanted to know how she had time to sew matching outfits for the girls when she was a homeschooling mom of eight. The unique, color-coded Scheduling Kit that accompanies the book is hands-on and has allowed moms to create their personal family’s schedule.
Our family is still somewhat new to Titus 2 and the endless resources available but the conference this summer and the books we’ve purchased from there and since then has totally transformed our growing family. I’ve been scheduling for the past few years since I found you but my schedule was slim due to some medicine that had my metabolism drug down. If you get called for your tour before you hear their whole set, you can stop back in the sanctuary. We have known them for several years because they have been using a MOTH schedule, and they tested chorepacks for us.
We are blessed by the believers we have met there as we challenge each other in the Lord and by their gracious hospitality to us.
It was chilly, so Mom had her coat, and the Duggars had enjoyed the first Moody book, so we gave them the other three :-). We do watch the Duggars often and I had a BIG hunch they were using the MOTH schedule when we saw old episodes and there were sticky notes so carefully placed on their wall.
We do not find many things worthy to watch or to buy but it would be nice to have the DVD series.
I love the pic from above, very cool!!My girls have been watching the Duggar Wedding several days in a row now.
He and Nathan are doing a 100 day fitness challenge, so he's taking care of some of his exercise while we took a break. We won’t be going to Las Vegas after all, as we feel the Lord has told us clearly not to go there. My family and I are reading the newest Mooody book, my husband reads it to us every night after family devotions. A a premie, and possible DES baby (I was adopted in a closed arrangement), I can’t prove why I never grew to average height, or have deformed arms, legs, fingers and toes. Please make sure to get one of the four generations now that Joshua has been born (whether you post it or not) and do the same when Melanie has her baby. The Flagstaff conference for Monday night had been postponed until February 15th because of a snowstorm. We are thoroughly enjoying the beautiful view from our location, and Dad is grateful not to have to drive in the wind. She shared her schedule with them, but there was so much more to her schedule than just activities in a time block. Thank you to all the family for pouring your hard work into these resources for other families to benefit from. A guide takes you around Bethlehem, explaining the different areas, and you meet era town’s people.
This is the second time we have been there, and we found a special delight in returning to an area we have already been.
It has left many without excuse when challenged by God to go against the grain of the way society is raising families and return to the biblical way. We are praying that they will produce the series on DVD for those of us who do not watch either broadcast TV (antenna) or have cable.

We have read through all of them, even pausing for a depoloyment in between (the children wouldn’t read it without daddy!) These books have been such an encouragement for our entire family.
Christopher and Anna Marie both look so happy and radiant in these photos as they hold their little treasure. Our family has, well I guess it’s a tradition, of making 4 generation pictures, and they are among my the most treasured things I own.
Because the wind had gotten very strong, Dad thought we could possibly stay a night or two in a campground there and see if the wind would die down enough for a safer drive later in the week. He suggested that I redo my schedule and fill it up much more so that I would be tired at night. It’s a great experience, leaving you in awe of all that transpired when Jesus came to earth. If you want to hear my family, you’ll have to come Friday or Saturday, between 7 and 9. We were able to renew friendships, deepen relationships, and meet others we didna€™t meet on our first visit. By being able to read about and see both families examples we all are left with real ideas of how to make our lives mirror what we read in God’s word.
If you had a way there with your nieces to get there with you, I don’t think you will regret it. On Monday morning, we started towards Burbank, California (Los Angeles area), where our Thursday night conference will be held.
Another check to the weather website and it showed that there was the potential that the wind would settle down by Wednesday. One day, Mom told Dad that it would be easier to write a book than to write all those notes.
Thank you for being a blessing to families who are struggling to find a way to use our time more wisely. I have one more med to wean off of over the next couple of months and then I will really have to revamp my schedule. The Duggars were on the way to our first stop on our trip so we left early enough to join them for lunch and some time of fellowship. Anyways, I was reading the book and read that they used the chore packs so I said this must be a confermation and I went and ordered it. I was also diagnosed as bipolar 5 years ago and I don’t care what anyone says, the medications corrected the mess of synaptic connections in my brain. Because we had originally had two open nights before our Thursday conference, we had planned to stop at the Joshua Tree National Park for a day since it was directly on our travel route, but those plans had been overturned after seeing the predictions for inclement weather.
Thank you to the Duggars and to the Maxwells for being such a ready example and encouragment to us all. Twenty-four busy moms tested the book, and since it worked for them, we prayed it would work for others. He was just a newborn this time last year and he is already well on his way to being a little man. The whole Maxwell family is such an inspiration and encouragement to us and our family ?? Thanks for sharing your daily lives with despite the risk of being exposed.

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