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Sleepsonic builds into its sound delivery design practical features, such as a detachable audio cable, volume control, durable removable foam and speaker assembly, and washable covers to make using the speaker pillow comfortable and effective for masking tinnitus at bed time. What most users learn to do is position the slim pillow on top or beside their regular pillow so they may listen to it for winding down or sleeping, and then remove it later in the night when no longer needed.
MEDICATIONSAlthough using medications seem like a logical step for many, sound delivery and masking devices have become ever more popular. There are hearing aids where some relief may provided when the hearinng is tuned to  filter the tinnitus condition since the device provides restored listening ability.
There are hearing aids where some relief may be supplied to the tinnitus condition since the device provides restored listening ability. Unfortunately, according to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, by the time hearing damage caused by these drugs is realized, it can be too late to avoid permanent damage.
This could be surprising news to the many patients prescribed or directed to use ototoxic drugs.
In other instances, patients may be too focused on a serious illness like cancer or heart disease to absorb all the information about side effects being provided by their physician, nurse or pharmacist. But, not paying attention to the harm that ototoxic medications could cause may lead to permanent damage.
The first indication that a drug may cause ototoxicity is generally when a patient notices tinnitus. Because damage to the ear can have a direct impact on balance, patients also often notice a feeling of unsteadiness or lack of balance, not unlike that experienced with ailments affecting the ear canal.
Ototoxic medications most likely to result in permanent hearing damage include some aminoglycoside antibiotics, including gentamicin.
Salicylate pain relievers, including common aspirin, as well as quinine, which is used to treat maleria, and loop diuretics, which are used to treat some heart and kidney conditions, can put you at risk of temporary damage.

Be sure to ask your physician about all side effects and any alternative methods for coping with, or treating, your medical condition.
Besides understanding if a drug could potentially do more harm than good, the psychological and social impacts of dealing with side effects like ototoxicity should be taken into account. Eight percent of those who have it say that it regularly interferes with their daily activities.1 What can become even more problematic is that the ringing or clicking sound tinnitus sufferers experience can be more pronounced in quiet settings, such as in the bedroom before going to sleep. In this way, Sleepsonic can be put aside for more sleep and repositioning of the body, which helps blood circulation and overall comfort. The choice to avoid the expense and bypass the uncertain side effects of medication is attractive to the tinnitus sufferer. In this way, Sleepsonic can be put aside for more sleep and repositioning of the body, which helps blood circulation and overall comfort.THE NEW SLEEPSONIC REGULAR SIZETaking the ORIGINAL portable high-fidelity speaker pillow concept to a full, standard size was the next evolutionary step - especially in dealing with a daunting task as helping tinnitus sufferers sleep. In fact, more than 200 prescription and over-the-counter medications used routinely today to treat everything from pain and serious infections to cancer and heart disease carry a strong likelihood of causing lasting, and often permanent, ear damage, according to the Association’s spokespersons.
While healthcare providers should review potential side effects of prescribed and over-the-counter medications, the potential permanent hearing damage may not be taken seriously by patients. Rather than making an informed decision, fear may drive patients to ask few questions or feel they have few choices available to them.
While symptoms of hearing loss, tinnitus and balance problems can fade once a medication is no longer used, this is not always the case.
Often, your body can adapt to these changes and balance can return, but other symptoms may be longer lasting or permanent. Cancer chemotherapy drugs, such as cisplatin and carboplatin, are also known to result in permanent damage. Ask a family member or trusted friend to accompany you to your doctor visits so he or she can ask questions you might forget when anxiety sets in.

Lack of hearing or dealing with dizziness can cause you to withdraw from normal social activities. The symptoms have not gone away, it started shortly after they began taking the antibiotic. Read a war veteren's (and a severe tinnitus sufferer) testimonial on how he slept better using Sleepsonic. The thinner Sleepsonic models, the SS-200 Executive Black, Natural Quilt Sherpa, and Brocade, all exhibit surperior sound quality within a portable design which permits them to be effortlessly taken on planes, trains and busses. Biofeedback—This is a relaxation technique that can help you manage stress by changing your reaction to it.
Unfortunately, a reduction in hearing often goes undetected until it begins to more noticeably affect the ability to understand speech.
Don’t forget that drug side effects have a direct impact on your quality of life and, in many cases, there are safer alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs. Intravenous lidocaine is one such medication, although its beneficial effects do not last too long (30 minutes). Yet, most of our elderly population are being prescribed the drugs that can cause hearing problems. Alprazolam (Xanax®) is another drug commonly used for depression that has also been reported to decrease the symptoms of tinnitus by up to 40%.

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