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Like all the previous Mia collections, this one is also made in 14kt gold and is light weight, smart and perfect for work wear and casual occasions. Their is a wide range of collection to choose from which consists of Bangles, earrings, finger rings and pendants.
Tanishq Mia collection is focused at working women who like to wear trendy and light weight jewellery which looks sober and decent.
Religious jewellery collection at Bluestone consists of mainly pendants symbolizing various Gods and symbols of Indian religions.

In this collection colors like yellow, mint green, sky blue, purple have been introduced by using large special cut semi-precious stones – citrine, topaz, amethyst etc. But at the same time jewellery should also be stylish and trendy and be a reflection of their personality.
You can experiment with different combinations, like go all matching with the same color attire and jewellery or wear neutral colors like white, black and add colors with new Mia 5 jewellery.

With over 300 designs to choose from Mia collection aims to be the first choice of working women of India.

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