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The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments? Mid-Valley Hearing Center is a full service audiology clinic specializing in the treatment of hearing loss in children and adults. We offer a full range of digital hearing aids including the latest innovative hearing aid technologies. After 39 years of providing audiology and hearing aid services in Linn and Benton County, our mission remains the same: to enhance the quality of your life by improving communication between you and your family, friends and others in your community, and working with you to reduce the stress caused by hearing loss.
Although we can't cure hearing loss, we can work with you to make sure that you are hearing as well as possible! ReSound Versoa„? hearing aids (the Receiver in Ear model is shown above) give an exceptional surround sound experience and strong and clear wireless connections to TV, stereos, computers and cell phones using ReSound Unitea„? accessories (shown below). Hearing aids are available from a variety of manufacturers in a variety of sizes and shapes, from instruments that fit behind the ear to instruments that fit within the ear canal.
Digital hearing aids are adjusted via a computer connection, provide the most flexibility, allowing the audiologist to custom fit the response of the device to a specific hearing loss. Hearing aids have developed from "clunky ear prosthetics" to amazingly sophisticated devices that can be both comfortable and virtually invisible!

After we provide you with our recommendations to help you hear better and answer your questions, we'll provide you with information the latest, most comfortable hearing aids available. It's important to us that you know that hearing aids are a lot different than they were even five years ago.
RM instruments utilize Remote Microphone Technology and combine the discrete fitting and natural sound advantages of invisible in the canal hearing aids with the comfort and maximum wind noise suppression of open-fit hearing instruments. These instruments sit behind the ear and have a tube that connects the instrument to a custom made mold that fits in the ear. What often keeps people from reconnecting with conversations and the other sounds of life they have been missing out on is a concern that they can't afford hearing aids. Check your hearing-aid batteries anytime, anywhere, with this handy key-ring battery tester. Electronic circuitry has advanced significantly, allowing patients greater sound comfort and improved speech recognition in noisy situations.
If you're picturing a really obvious instrument that sits on your ear and whistles, you're in for a very pleasant surprise! If you like to attend the theater, eat in restaurants, have a family barbecue, go to a basketball game, run marathonsa€”we can work with you to find a hearing aid that fits YOUR lifestyle.

They are designed to sit deeply in the ear canal, which not only makes them nearly invisible but also places the microphone and speaker close to the eardrum, making the sound quality more natural. The microphone has been moved to the outer ear and is connected to the hearing device by a thin-transparent tube. However, the receiver that delivers the sound processed by the hearing device is placed inside the ear canal, resulting in more natural sound. We want to help you find a personalized hearing solution that improves your ability to hear without making a huge dent in your budget. Please ask us if you have a question about a specific manufacturer or brand.A  We also offer an extensive complement of assistive listening devices with Bluetooth connectivity. Therefore, we are able to recommend the best product solutions to fit your needs and lifestyle. We will work with you to determine the very best solution for you, your lifestyle, and your budget.

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