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Ashadeep ENT Center is a group of physicians and support staff that work together to enhance the care of ear disease and hearing loss. We provide the highest level of diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitation services in all areas of Otology at the Dallas Ear Institute.
The World Health Organization (WHO) International Seminar, which was held in 1979, drew up the following provisional list of diseases that lend themselves to acupuncture treatment.
At the Headache Center of Chicago (HCC) we treat root causes for pain — not just symptomatic pain.
Millions of headache and migraine sufferers go through their days in severe pain without ever truly understanding why. Chronic daily headaches and debilitating migraines, as well as a host of other pain conditions ranging from face pain to chronic muscular tension are things we treat here at the Headache Center of Chicago. Electrical stimulation is one of a variety of non-invasive treatment protocols we frequently use here at the Headache Center of Chicago. At the Headache Center of Chicago we use a unique kind of rehabilitation orthotic device as part of our comprehensive treatment protocols for headaches, migraines, chronic head and neck tension, and face pain. The Neuromuscular Dentists at Headache Center of Chicago (HCC) see many patients suffering from complex pain conditions, to include: frequent headaches, chronic migraines, TMJ, tinnitus and face pain. If you suffer from chronic or painful ear ailments and you have not been able to obtain long-term relief through medication use, it’s very possible that your symptoms are related to problems with your TMJs, or Temporomandibular Joints. Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) is essential for promoting neurological health, boosting stamina, enhancing metabolic functioning, supporting cognitive skills, and sustaining heart health. Certain illnesses mask the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency, contributing to mass under-diagnoses.  Many patients of chronic illness who already experience symptoms like fatigue, muscular pain, or mental sluggishness may not realize an underlying problem absorbing vitamin B12, and may never receive a blood screening for low vitamin B12 levels. If you suffer from one of the following illness correlated with or causing vitamin B12 deficiency, please request a simple blood test immediately.
Do you have one of the conditions associated with low vitamin B12 levels?  Have you been diagnosed with vitamin B12 deficiency, as well? If you found this article helpful, then please share with your friends, family, and coworkers by email, Facebook, or Google+.
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The human ear is functionally broken down into four primary portions: the external, middle, and inner ear, as well as the hearing control center of the brain.
Divided into two parts, the external ear is comprised of the pinna which is the exterior ear that is seen on the side of the head, and the external auditory meatus also known as the ear canal.
The pinna is mainly skin and cartilage with muscular attachments that allow people to wiggle their ears. The ear canal is a little, tunnel-like, twisting tube that links the pinna to the ear drum.

The middle ear is made up of an air-filled gap in between the tympanic membrane and the inner ear. The tympanic membrane consists of a concave shaped membrane covering at the located at the final section of the ear canal. There is a little tube that links the middle ear with the rear of the throat, which is called the eustachian tube. The inner ear is consists of two separate portions: The vestibular, which provides balance, and the cochlea, that functions in hearing.
The vestibule’s purpose is to aid in sensing acceleration and deceleration of motion and relation head position to gravitational forces. Our expert physicians and hearing professionals engage in the medical and surgical treatment of diseases of the ear, hearing, balance, and facial nerve. After awhile, many of them find that they can no longer accept the painful status quo and decide that something must be done, even though they may not really know what to do. Here at the Headache Center of Chicago we use therapeutic ultrasound to treat patients who experience chronic headaches, painful migraines, debilitating head and neck muscle tension, and other conditions. While HCC offers therapeutic treatments for all of these painful conditions, many people suffering with chronic muscular tension of the head and neck can ALSO be helped though the latest advancements in neuromuscular dentistry. Sometimes, vitamin B12 malabsorption results from a vegan diet, or as part of the aging process.  Often, vitamin B12 deficiency occurs with autoimmune and gastrointestinal disorders like pernicious anemia, Crohn’s disease, and fibromyalgia, making vitamin B12 deficiency one of the most widespread nutritional problems in the US. These four components work collectively to conduct noises from outside the person to the brain and then process them. The ear canal stretches from the pinna to the tympanic membrane (TM), commonly known as the eardrum. It includes three small bones (ossicles)joined together that join the ear canal to an opening at the inner ear. It’s a part of the reflex arc that allows us to preserve sharp visual focus without disruption from the many small and rapid motions that occur while walking, chewing, riding, and so on. Various hearing devices are utilized, including cochlear implantation, for hearing rehabilitation. In fact, conditions such as ear pain, bruxism, and tinnitus have all been linked to problems with the TMJs. This blog is dedicated to providing up to date research, news and resources pertaining to vitamin B12, general health information surrounding the benefits of vitamin B12. The folds and twists of the pinna boost high frequency tones and also assist in determining the source’s direction. The surfaces of the ear canal are delicate to touch and contain a cranial nerve branch which passes just beneath the back surface.
This intermittent opening preserves equalization of the air pressure among the middle ear and exterior air pressure.

Our support staff at the Dallas Ear Institute include neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, neuroanesthesiologists, head & neck surgeons, audiologists, cochlear implant specialists, and auditory verbal therapists. Learn from, and contribute to information on B12, vitamin B12 and other connected subjects. Sounds arriving from the front and sides are marginally enhanced as they’re directed towards the canal while noises coming from behind are somewhat diminished.
In the event that the ear canal is actually contacted around this nerve, people will involuntarily cough which is called Arnold’s reflex. The first ossicle bone is the malleus or hammer bone and is joined to the inner surface of the ear drum. The pressure needs to be equalized in order for effective exchange of sound through the middle ear.
The central canal stores the organ of Corti that consists of specialized cells and supporting tissues.
This assists us to notice what we’re focusing on while decreasing distracting background sounds coming from behind.
The exterior two thirds surface of the ear canal is encircled by cartilage and glands that will create cerumen or ear wax; while the inner third is bound by bone tissue. The second ossicle bone is the incus or anvil, and the innermost bone is called the stapes or stirrup. Vibratory electrical signals are propagated through the fluid to produce deformation in the organ of Corti.
Using the hand to cup behind the pinna, provides listeners with a slightly increased amplification since it essentially enlarges the audio collection area of the outer ear. The ear canal provides a organic resonance that generally increases sound pitches by around 3000 Hz and approximately 10-15 decibels. This in turn results in shearing pressure on tiny hairs or cilia extending from the upper surfaces. The stapes’ footplate vibrates in the oval shaped opening of the cochlea, which then transfers audio energy down to the tissues and fluids of the cochlea.
The shearing activates an electro-chemical signal which travels down the nervous pathway and passes through the internal canal to the brain. Then the signal moves upward to the processing centers of the brain’s temporal lobes.

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