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Injecting bright, beautiful colour into Sennheiser’s range of headphones, the new MOMENTUM On-Ear is crafted from the finest materials and available in four colours, inspired by an international team of design experts and trend scouts.
The MOMENTUM On-Ear features a headband and ear pads finished in high-tech Alcantara®, a specialised luxury material loved by designers and automotive upholsterers for its unique combination of softness, durability, and breathable comfort. As with all other models in the MOMENTUM family, the headband of the MOMENTUM On-Ear is made of stainless steel. The MOMENTUM On-Ear headphones stand out for their minimalist design, but also for the tangibly high quality of their materials and workmanship. The ear pads and headband have been finished in Alcantara®, a high-tech material produced in Italy. The sound of these headphones is also clear and uncompromising, creating a sound experience in which even the tiniest details can be heard. Thanks to their closed, on-ear design, these headphones isolate the listener from external noise to ensure a great listening experience on the move.
MOMENTUM On-Ear headphones feature a single-sided detachable cable with convenient in-line remote and microphone for Apple iDevices, for easy control of music playback and to make and receive calls on the go. Once the cover is taken apart, you'll see this quality looking Sennheiser branded zippered carrying hard case smack in the middle with a bunch of polyurethane foam encompassing the whole interior of the box for ultimate protection. The ear cups are held on to the stainless steel metal frame by being sandwiched in a brake  caliper type of system.
The ear cups on the Momentum On-Ear headphones are also wrapped in soft black Alcantara material. As for sound leakage, it depends on the seal around your ears, for myself the ear cups covered my ears almost perfectly so I had minimal sound leakage. A positive trait with the wires that come Momentum On-Ear headphones are that when the cord is moving and rubbing against your shirt or against anything really, you don't hear that rubbing sound intruding inside the headphones.
If you decide to purchase the Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear, or anything at all, be sure to help us out by using our links to purchase whatever you want, Thanks for the support.
Patternworks exclusive designed by Margaret Maney Replace ordinary winter head-gear with an eye-catching cap that is red hot.
This pattern set has been deactivated because it’s not quite up to leethal pattern standards – it will be updated and re-launched eventually.
We've looked at two Sennheiser In-Earphones five years earlier and came away impressed with how great they sounded, in fact those two In-Earphones are still working to this day.

Equipped with high-quality audio technology and finished with the finest materials, the MOMENTUM unites form and function like no other headphones. As well as providing supreme comfort, the Alcantara® ear pads isolate the listener for a great listening experience on the move, even in noisy urban environments.
The MOMENTUM On-Ear headphones deliver a sound experience that one would expect from audio specialist Sennheiser. As a result of its unique combination of suppleness, durability and breathable comfort, this luxury material is valued by fashion designers and interior designers alike. Equipped with high-end 18-ohm transducers, MOMENTUM On-Ear guarantees full stereo sound with a slight bass emphasis in a frequency range from 16 to 22,000 Hz. Knitted Hat Patterns from Fiber Trends, Oat Couture, Knit One Crochet Too, 3-color hat: 50 (60, 70) Find free knitting patterns for this hat and more at HowStuffWorks. To celebrate the launch of the headphones, renowned photographer Alexander Gnädinger worked with three established fashion bloggers from different countries to create personal portraits reflecting the colours and the style of the new MOMENTUM On-Ear. The high performance transducer system offers an uncompromising sound performance: Rich, detailed and with a slight bass emphasis. With every stitch exactly in place and its high-class materials in perfect harmony with each other, these headphones enchant the senses.
These resemble that of a technical boxing fighter as opposed to a fighter that is a dirty brawler. Small crochet hook; here is my very first knit hat kit – which includes a pattern set with 4 different hat options. This smaller, on-ear version makes it possible to define your personal style with a range of contemporary colours. Color Natural (A) alison’s knitting weblog, free knitting pattern happy hat knitting! Stay with the same color for a solid hat or you can now change colors at this time if you so desire. Knit off earflap pegs 1 over 2 Knit Hat Pattern originally sent in by Nell Gron of Marengo, IL.

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