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A: The thing I will miss most about high school is hanging out with the people I grew up with. A: Probably would change roles of leadership and um change everything so we could become better leaders. Colvin Bowen John DePhillips, the baseball player, will be playing on the auditorium stage in hopes to gain the crown.
Colvin Bowen Spirited senior, Will foley, is sure to win best dressed in his PHS spirit gear. School Activities: DECA, Environmental Club, Baseball, Football, and a little bit of Spanish Club. A: I have an older brother he’s at Boise State, he’s uh he’s not as outgoing as me but he’s a really good guy, he’s really caring. A: Traditional beauty pageants I’m not a huge fan of, but I feel like the beauty pageant that we’re in is going to be more humorous than it is about actual beauty. A: I think it will be a good experience, kind of you know work with embarrassment, a little bit of fun. A: The school spirit, that’s something we don’t have in Germany, like this high school spirit and even here for American high schools, Peninsula is pretty special. Colvin Bowen Tennis player Christian Lewis has two things on his mind, winning and witchcraft.

A: Well considering that winning is everything… I’m not going to say that I did… but we’ll see.
A: Hmmm, I’d say they think I’m… pretty nice, funny on occasion and kind of a nerdy dork or something? Q: Would you rather have Cheetos for fingers or have popcorn kernels stuck in the back of your throat for the rest of your life.
A: Beauty is feeling good in your own body and being the best person you can both inside and out. Q: If someone from the future told you you would go to jail in a week, why do you think it would be? Colvin Bowen Anthony Valenzuela hopes to meet his role model, Jack Black, through the pageant. If my friends are down or something I always feel I like can help them out and be there for them. Um and then I have a little sister she’s just a typical girl except she hates drama so, just a typical teenage girl and she’s a freshman so. This event will be a male beauty pageant featuring twenty senior boys from the 2015 graduating class.
The pageant is being put on by four senior girls Kaitlin Flanigan, Piper Wysaske, Sophia Alvestad, and Maddie McGill.

All proceeds will be going to Charity Water, this charity provides drinking water to underdeveloped countries around the world.
This pageant will be hosted by two of the most energetic teachers named John at Peninsula, Jonathan Bill and John Selfors. The first of which is the formal round which will introduce the twenty senior boys with their chosen escorts who are also seniors. The second round is beachwear, in this round the boys will sport their beachwear along with their jury cans to represent the cans used for Charity Water.
After an intermission the boys will show the audience their talent in the talent round, some boys are doing this round individually and others as pairs. In the final round the boys will be dressed in their PHS Pride gear and will answer pageant questions.
This pageant is sure to be a fun night and will raise a ton of money for a great cause, these are the senior boys who will be contestants for the Mr.

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